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What to do if your child has depression

What to do if your child has depression

Case 1: Nana’s smile disappeared. Nana’s father was a business manager of a company, and her mother was a train conductor. They usually had limited days at home, so Nana, 5, was brought by her grandmother.

The former Nana was lively and cheerful and loved to laugh.

Nana was envious when she saw other children led by mom and dad to play in the park on Sunday, because she rarely had such an opportunity.

  Recently, Mom and Dad found that Nana had become unwilling to laugh. She often sat alone in a daze and didn’t talk all day. It seemed as if she was a lot better at once, but this kind of “goodness” was always a bit wrong.

In addition, the kindergarten teacher also reflected that Nana often pays attention to the lack of concentration in her class, and her eyes are far from being as lively as other children in the class.

  Case two: Xiaoli has not grown up for 4 years. Xiaoli is 12 years old this year, but she is only 1.

2 meters, looks much shorter than children of the same age.

At the age of 8, when her parents divorced, Xiaoli lived with her father. Since then, Xiaoli has barely grown tall.

Although Xiaoli is very sensible and her academic performance is excellent, she is very lonely and depressed.

  My father took Xiaoli to the hospital, and after a detailed inspection, the doctor pointed out that Xiaoli was initially unhappy and depressed due to unhappiness, which reduced the secretion of growth hormone, which is a typical growth retardation.

  Case 3: Jiongjiong didn’t want to go to school. Jiongjiong, who is 9 and a half years old, was in fourth grade. Recently, he suddenly lost his temper, didn’t do homework, didn’t go to the tutoring class that his mother reported to him, and didn’t want to go to school.

Jiongjiong not only lied, but also quarreled with his family.

On Monday morning, after Jiongjiong was sent to the school gate by his mother, he bypassed his mother’s reluctance to enter the school.

When the teacher visited the home, Jiongjiong said that he had a headache.

My mother took Jiongjiong to the hospital to check her body but found no organic abnormalities. The doctor thought that Jiongjiong had “heart disease”, mainly because she had too much study pressure and had already suffered from depression in children.

  Opinion: Nana, Xiaoli, and Jiongjiong all suffer from childhood depression.

Depression mainly refers to emotional disorders with the main characteristics of emotional depression. It also includes negative emotions such as depression, depression, and depression, as well as idle and empty emotional expressions. However, we used to mistakenly believe that depression will only occur.In self-conscious and emotionally rich adults, neglecting children can also lead to depression.

Depression is very detrimental to the child’s physical development, is overly sensitive to the child’s psychology, and adopts an evasive and shrinking attitude towards the outside world, which may also cause the child’s stunted height.

At present, about 20% of children suffer from depressive symptoms, of which 4% are clinical depression, that is, major depression that requires clinical treatment.

When a child who has performed well in the past behaves inappropriately, parents need to be alert to the occurrence of depression.

  Children affected by “depression” The world of children proves to be colorful, full of laughter and happiness, but some children are always young and depressed.

The child’s bad mood affects parents’ hearts.

For various reasons, many children are often attacked by depression, and severely become depression.

This is a problem that both children and their parents feel painful and confusing.

So, how to help children get out of the shadow of “depression”?

  Letting children get out of depression. Families should be children’s entertainment, relaxation, stress relief, and psychological adjustment. The parents should also be the child’s best counselor and the best doctor to get rid of depression.

  1. Create a warm and democratic family atmosphere.

Good family support and family cohesion are the lasting motivation for children’s healthy growth.

Parents should always check their emotions, respect their children, communicate smoothly with their children, and create a close, harmonious, and warm family structure for their children, so that children can feel the warmth and security at home.

  2. Have a degree of study and education.

Parents should give their children some time and space to allow them to have different choices at different ages.

Don’t expect too much from your children, don’t over-indulge or be too demanding, and train them according to their own abilities and interests.

  3. Encourage your child to make more friends.

Parents should treat others sincerely, and encourage their children to interact with others, teach children to get along with others, organize emotional exchange activities among children, cultivate children’s extensive hobbies and optimistic and tolerant personality, and enjoy the warmth of friendship.

  4, life should not be too rich.

On the contrary, the luxury of material life leads to a child’s insatiable psychology, and the pursuit of material is often difficult to self-satisfaction, so greedy people are always unhappy.

  5. Improve personality and cultivate stress resistance.

Parents should discover the strengths of their children and give them praise and encouragement appropriately, and cultivate their self-confidence and ability to cope with adversity and adversity from an early age.and many more.  6. If the child already has symptoms of depression, parents should give the child a positive hint at that time, teach the child to rationally adjust his emotions, and change the cognitive bias; find something that makes the child happy or uplifting, and let the happy activity replace the childTime, use positive emotions to offset negative emotions; teach children to learn appropriate venting, such as: talk, cry, write a diary, exercise, etc. to release unpleasant emotions and calm the mood; guide children to set a goal for themselvesTo give children a sense of direction and implement goal motivation.

In addition, you can consult a psychologist in time for active treatment.

  Depression in children The main characteristics of childhood depression are depression, slow thinking, depression, depression, and listlessness. It often has many accompanying symptoms. Common symptoms are: emotional symptoms: look down, dullness, and apathy., Irritable, sensitive, crying, irritable, restless, bored, timid, shy, lonely, attentive, frightened, often accompanied by a sense of guilt and guilt, thinking that he is clumsy, stupid, ugly, No value, discouraged, arrogant, sighed, disinterested in people and things around them, flinched, restrained, unpleasant, etc.

  Behavioral symptoms: hyperactivity, attacking others, fear of going to school, unwillingness to socialize, deliberately avoiding acquaintances, disobedience to discipline, impulsiveness, truancy, poor expression skills, poor grades, memory loss, running away from home, and even life-threatening and self-harm, suicideBehavior, etc.

  Physical symptoms: sleep disturbance, low appetite, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, chest tightness, palpitations, headache, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, enuresis and feces.

This type is often easily misdiagnosed as a physical disease, but the “disease” does not improve after taking the drug.

  For a few moments, his son Xiaohai became very lonely, and was very irritable and listless at home.

According to the teacher’s report, Xiaohai’s recent test scores have dropped a lot. During the lesson, he was not paying attention, his memory was reduced, and he was not paying attention to class activities.

  After learning about these changes, I went to Xiaohai to chat after dinner and listened to him patiently.

It turned out that Xiaohai made a mistake in his recent exams, and his grades have shifted from the previous top to the midstream position. Therefore, he feels ashamed and inferior, and has a sense of guilt in his heart, and cannot accept this fact.

He found it difficult to face his classmates who admired him in the past, admired his teacher and parents who had high expectations for him, felt depressed and prevented.

  I reflected for a moment. It is indeed that our usual requirements and expectations for him are so high that they become a huge pressure.

So I comforted Xiaohai not to pay too much attention to the results this time.

In any case, as long as he works hard, we will applaud and be proud of him.

In addition, I also looked for Xiaohai’s past performance records, helped him evaluate him correctly, analyzed many of his strengths, and the reasons for the failure of this exam, and helped him develop a plan to improve his performance.

With this recipe for changing negative emotions and establishing a positive way of thinking, Xiao Hai gradually recovered his confidence and joy, learned and lived happily, and the shadow of depression disappeared.

  Lin Baizheng male 36-year-old doctor why her child has depression genetic factors.

Familial genetic factors play a role in the onset of childhood depression. At least one of the parents of about 50% of children with depression has had depression.


Separations between loved ones, major unexpected disasters, and other unexpected events can cause children’s strong conflicting emotions, produce desperate emotional experiences, and lead to depression.

  Family atmosphere.

Negative, unpleasant and stressful family atmosphere. Parents and children communicate and exchange with each other. Children do not get the love and care of their parents. Their psychological needs cannot be met, which leads to depression.

  mental stress.

Parents’ expectations for their children are too high, too much pressure on study and examinations, and tensions among classmates, etc., often exceed their children’s mental capacity.

Moreover, in the face of stress, lack of appropriate psychological adjustment strategies and decompression skills, and the lack of necessary help from the surrounding environment, will lead to emotional depression.

  Psychological “congenital deficiency”.

Too utilitarian education in some families has strengthened their children’s vanity, and also exacerbated their children’s psychological fragility and distortion, causing them to “fail to lose” in the face of frustration, unable to accept reality, flustered, irritable, and even feeling hopeless and helplessSudden changes in mentality, collapse of the self-evaluation system, and depression.

Eating ginger strong cardiovascular1

Eating Ginger Strong Cardiovascular

“Medicinal supplements are not as good as food supplements”. Tonic supplements are divided into food supplements and medicinal supplements. In food supplements, mutton is the first choice in winter. Although the North and South cooking methods are different, the understanding of the nourishing and strong effects of mutton is the same.

Chinese medicine believes that chicken is also a product of Gan Wen tonic, with the functions of warming, energizing, replenishing, and adding marrow, all the weak people can eat.

However, the above two types of meat are not suitable for people who have heat and fire.

Duck meat is cold, tonic, remove heat, and viscera, water channels, and more suitable for vascular disease associated with weakness, low food intake, low fever, dry stool, and edema.

It is right to point out here that from a nutritional point of view, the protein and other ingredients and amounts of high-level supplements such as shark fin, sea cucumber, bird’s nest, and white fungus are not as good as ordinary chicken and soybeans.

Therefore, you cannot blindly superstitize these expensive supplements.

  Eating ginger Ginger is the most beneficial for the rehabilitation of cardiovascular patients. It cures gingerol and has a certain stimulating effect on the heart and blood vessels. It transforms the heartbeat to accelerate and the blood vessels to expand, thereby making the veins open and the supply normal.

In “Dongpo Miscellaneous Notes”, some old monks have insisted on taking ginger for 40 years. They have a healthy body and are ruddy as a boy. Therefore, eating ginger often has been regarded as one of the tips for health care, especially for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

  Longan porridge 100 grams of longan meat, 120 grams of glutinous rice, boiled glutinous rice to half-cooked, add longan meat and cook into longan porridge.

Longan contains proteins and sugars necessary for the human body. Among them, sugar is mainly glucose, which is easily absorbed and used by the human body. Glutinous rice can strengthen the stomach and nourish the stomach, thereby achieving the purpose of nourishing qi and nourishing blood.

Longan porridge has the effects of nourishing the heart, soothing the nerves, strengthening the spleen, replenishing blood, moisturizing and redness. Drinking a bowl of longan porridge when it is freezing in winter can even warm up and expel the cold. It also maintains qi and blood, and is good for cardiovascular patients.It is natural to kill two birds with one stone.

  Herbal supplements should be used for cardiovascular patients with physical weakness, such as ginseng, aconite, salvia and so on.

Ginseng can replenish vitality, strengthen the heart, promote vitality and quench thirst, soothe the nerves, and is especially suitable for cardiovascular patients with signs of Qi deficiency, such as physical weakness, limb weakness, shortness of breath, insomnia, mental fatigue, prone to sweating, and loss of appetite.

This kind of patients take a small amount of ginseng in winter, which can replenish qi and soothe the nerves, increase appetite and restore physical strength.

Cardiovascular patients with obvious deficiency of blood and blood can be supplemented with Ejiao in winter; those with yang deficiency symptoms such as cold and backache can be mixed with sesame; those with weak spleen and stomach can add Chenpi decoction (15g Chenpijian)So as not to hurt your stomach.

  In addition, some proprietary medicines can be taken symptomatically. Patients with heart palpitations and insomnia can take Tianwang Buxin Dan; those with sore muscles and pain can take ginseng Zaizao pills; yin deficiency and backache take Liuwei Dihuang pills; ginseng spleen pills for eyes with spleen deficiency;Those with symptoms of deficiency of qi and blood can take Shiquan Dabu Wan;

Try whole deer pill, etc.

You can also use turpentine glue, turtle plate glue to nourish yin, antlers bright, tiger bone glue to supplement Yang.

However, gels are not suitable for those with weak spleen and stomach. Compound concentrates can be prepared according to the prescription.

  Flexible and symptomatic If taking ginseng causes stomach fullness and poor appetite, it is the cause of inappropriate tonic.

In fact, some evidence can also cause similar weakness, such as head up, palpitations, insomnia, etc. At this time, tonic, such as cheering on the fire.

People with a weak digestive system who eat more tonics or thick flavors are also prone to sputum and flatulence, which can cause gastrointestinal disorders.

Therefore, the medicinal supplement in winter must be determined according to the situation, it is best to follow the doctor’s advice.

  Cardiovascular patients should smoke, drink alcohol, strong tea, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, take appropriate physical exercise, and maintain a cheerful and optimistic mood, as excessive fatigue and mood swings are the causes of myocardial infarction.

Cardiovascular patients should do a good job of preventing cold and keeping warm when the weather is cold, and keep a certain temperature in the room to prevent the blood vessel from being blocked due to the change in high temperature and cause myocardial infarction.

The three biggest lies in a man’s life

The three biggest lies in a man’s life

If your husband is too busy to work, he does n’t go home overtime all night, and his mobile phone is “out of service area”, it must be a great problem in your marriage.

Maybe he already has a woman with deep relationships, and even a “second wife” outside.

At this time, the woman should make plans for her future, and pay close attention to the common property of the husband and wife. If she really wants to divorce, she can’t aggrieved her future life.

  ”Men love to lie” women know, but women can’t always see when men are lying.

Now, come to expose the typical lies of men in the three stages of love!

  ”First love” here refers to the primary stage of a love relationship.

The relationship between men and women has just been re-established, and the relationship is not very stable. At this time, one person may have several objects worth considering at the same time. In the end, which two people can go together depends on fate.

Therefore, if your boyfriend is dealing with other girls at this time and insists on hiding from you, it is understandable.

Maybe he is just afraid of hurting your self-esteem, and can’t just conclude with a flaw in character.

As time goes on, we will have a comprehensive understanding of one’s character after experiencing deepening mutual understanding.

Women need patience with men.

  Love is tempted. Beyond stable marriage and love, once a man has an affair, he must use a lie to perfuse you.

If your boyfriend or husband always smirks unconsciously, the time of chatting on the Internet increases day by day, or even stays up all night, seeing you come and hurry to hide your mobile phone, text messages are sent with you, when you ask him, push 62.5One “colleague relations” on the left and “work contacts” on the right.

It is certain that more than 80% of them have “new trends” in their hearts.

Of course, most men are also playing at the moment, not really want to break with you.

If you want to save your feelings, don’t make a lot of noise, just face it calmly, your man must be yours.

  ”Third party” in marriage. If your husband is too busy to work, he won’t go home overtime all night, and his mobile phone will be “out of service area”, it must be a great problem in your marriage.

Maybe he already has a woman with deep relationships, and even a “second wife” outside.

At this time, the woman should make plans for her future, and pay close attention to the common property of the husband and wife. If she really wants to divorce, she can’t aggrieved her future life.



Bamboo is a plant of the subfamily Poaceae of the family Poaceae, with many species.

Underground stems are commonly known as bamboo whips. They are unearthed as Gou or bamboo shoots.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” quoted Lu Yan: “It is Gou within ten days, and bamboo outside ten days, so the word” Xun “starts from ten days.

“Let it grow fast.

There are also many types of bamboo shoots, including winter bamboo shoots, spring bamboo shoots, and whip bamboo shoots, all of which can be used as food.

Folks from Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces use the worm-eaten bamboo shoots for their medicinal purposes.

Tender bamboo leaves, bamboo Ru, bamboo astringent, are used for medicinal purposes.

  The taste is sweet, slightly cold, non-toxic.

  Bamboo shoots contain protein, amino acids, trace amounts, sugars, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, vitamins B1, B2.

  Function to relieve thirst, clear water, clear lungs and reduce phlegm.

Pest shoots are effective diuretics, suitable for edema, ascites, beriberi, edema of acute nephritis, cough, diabetes, thirst and fever.

  [浮肿腹水(包括肾炎,心脏病,肝脏病以及晚期血吸虫病引起的腹水症)]  虫笋、陈葫芦各60克,水煎服。Or add 30 grams of winter melon.

  [小儿麻疹、风疹或水痘初起,发热口渴,小便不利]  鲜竹笋同鲫鱼炖汤令小儿饮服,有促使速透早愈之功。  [久泻久痢,脱肛]  鲜竹笋煮粥吃有效。  [虚烦不眠]  嫩竹叶卷芯30克,灯心草3克,水煎,睡前饮服。  [产后虚热心烦,手足心热]  鲜竹茹、竹叶芯各30克,水煎服。  [高血压,头病、面红、烦渴、夜不安眠]  鲜竹叶芯30-60克,夏枯草15克,槐花9克,水煎服。  [小儿头疮,天疱,黄水疮]  新笋壳烧存性,研细,以麻油调涂(先用浓茶汁将患处拭洗干净后再涂药)。

The inverted triangle of perfect planning

The “inverted triangle” of perfect planning

What is the ideal upper body shape for a man? Does it have a wide breast and flat abs?
That’s right!
The following 6 actions can help you have an enviable sexy figure and help you create the perfect “inverted triangle”.

  Pectoral Muscles: Have you ever dreamed of being Tom in Mission: Impossible?
Cruise, running all the way in Jiangnan Water Village, the charm of the male and the strong muscles, especially the two strong chest muscles hidden under the black T-shirt, trembled naturally as the running, making the women under the screen heart,The envy of the men; or like the prince of glasses Pei Yongjun, elegant appearance and gentleman costume, the beautiful chest muscles in the open shirt looming, hidden more charming lethality.
  The upper chest is the most exposed part of a man. As a component of the perfect “inverted triangle” shape of a man, the developed pectoral muscles will make you more stylish, and the eyes of women will naturally extend downward from the neckline.In addition to the charm of sex, the thick breasts can bring more security to the close lovers around you. When you are more stylish in a suit, you will be more male in the business field.
  To build a male pectoral muscle, follow the three movements we recommend below. You don’t have to spend a lot of effort and don’t need to push a particularly heavy weight. As long as you exercise regularly, exercise 1-2 times a week, just 4-In 6 weeks, you can feel the bulging feeling in the shirt, and you can also unconsciously raise your chest when walking.
  动作1 上斜史密斯机卧推  作用:是打造上胸和整体胸形的王牌动作  动作要领:将一可调节的训练凳放置于史密斯机下,调节训练凳的角度为30-45度,调整训练Position the stool so that the surface of the stool is aligned with the center of the lever, and make sure that the lever falls on the upper chest (5 cm below the collarbone) when lowering.
Hold the bar with both hands and shoulder width, push up the barbell to the highest point, and then control it to descend to the upper chest 1 cm.
Push the barbell evenly again.
Do 3 sets of 8-12 reps.
Rest between groups for 1-2 minutes.
  Tips: This exercise can outline the entire chest shape, giving a more three-dimensional and upright effect visually.
At the same time, it can also fill the muscle gap in the collarbone.
Don’t drop the barbell quickly to your chest, then rebound and push up.
This will spread the load on the shoulders and arms.
  动作2 低位拉力器夹胸  作用:上胸内侧最有效的锻炼方法之一  动作要领:在拉力器低位把手处装上握把,站在拉力器略靠前的位置,选择较轻的负重,两手各持一Grip on the side of the body.
The body’s center of gravity is slightly backward, and the mind is focused on the upper chest.
Pull up the grip to the height of your chest in front of your body.
Then control the restore.
Do 3 sets of 2 reps.
Rest between groups is 1 minute.
  Tips: This exercise can make up for the weaker medial upper chest muscles.
During the exercise, the muscle sensation is the main, and it must not be blindly aggravated, which leads to the phenomenon that the exercise is not in place.
  动作3 上斜器械推胸  作用:塑造整体胸肌厚度  动作要领:斜躺在上斜推胸器上,使用中等负重,采取比肩略窄的握法,推起重物至高处,但不要伸直肘Joints, then control the restoration, but do not lower it completely to the bottom.
Repeat the above exercise.
8-12 times per group, practice 3 groups.
  Tips: It’s not enough to have a chest shape. With thickness, you can really feel your strength.
During the exercise, focus on the pectoral muscles instead of the weights that are pushed up. If you control the movement throughout the exercise, the pectoral muscle stimulation will be very significant.
  The Abdominal Muscles: Having the angular abs is not only a sign of health, but also a symbol of men’s sexiness and strength.
  On the positive side, the aesthetic importance of the abdominal muscles is on an equal footing with the pectoral muscles. A slightly bulging belly will obliterate all your fitness results.
In order to defend the dignity of men, act quickly and smooth out the abominable “little belly” Follow the following 3 actions, 3 times a week, combined with 40 minutes of aerobic training each time, plus reasonable diet control, and reduce high intakeCalorie foods, eat more healthy foods, such as whole wheat bread, oats, peeled chicken breasts, fish and other high-quality carbohydrates and protein, it is not difficult to have a flat and stylish 6-pack abs.
  Action 1 Sit up and bend on the stool, aiming at the mid-upper abdomen: Essentials: Lie on your back with your lower legs resting on the stool, your hands against your ears, and relax your neck.
Using your abdominal muscles, lift your body up to your shoulder off the ground, but don’t lift your back off the ground.
20-30 are for 1 group, make 3-4 groups.

Rest between groups is 30-45 seconds.

Those with poor basics can rest for 60 seconds.

  Tips: Keep your calf and knees close to the stool, and make a right angle between your calves and legs to prevent the leg from borrowing force.When lifting upwards, the action must be slow, and the abdominal muscles are exerting force.

Fix the chin and raise it slightly, otherwise, it will cause unnecessary excessive borrowing and affect the training effect.

  Action 2 Sit your legs on your back, with the essentials for lower abdomen: Lie on your back on the training bench with your hands holding the edge of the bench.

Straighten your legs and raise your legs to a 45-degree angle with the ground.

Stop briefly and lower your legs slowly.

20-30 are for 1 group, make 3-4 groups.
Rest between groups is 30-45 seconds.
Those with poor basics can rest for 60 seconds.
  Tip: When you lower your legs, lift your legs as soon as they touch the stool surface. Do not wait until your legs are all close to the stool before repeating the exercise to keep your lower abdomen in tension.

Raising your legs to 45 angles is enough.

  Action 3 The instrument is used to turn the abdomen, and the main points for the lateral abdomen are: sit on the mechanical abdomen, choose a lighter weight, hold the hands with both hands, clamp the solid with both legs, and place the solid at a right angle to the original position, which is the initial position of the action.
Use the power of the abdominal muscles to switch to the center of the body’s two-hand grip, and then return to the original position under control.

20-30 are for 1 group, make 3-4 groups.
Rest between groups is 30-45 seconds.
Those with poor basics can rest for 60 seconds.
  Tip: When practicing, you must keep your upper body upright and your eyes looking forward to make your body in a balanced state.

Steering intentionally controls the use of waist and abdomen power on the same side.

And vice versa.

  Aerobic exercise is arranged after abdominal muscle training, the effect of burning adults is more obvious.

Alternating alternately between treadmills, elliptical machines and aerobic bikes, to prevent excessive wear caused by a single treadmill training, can also add freshness to boring aerobic training.

Breakthrough University Epidemic Barriers

Breakthrough University Epidemic Barriers

In the face of the seemingly ubiquitous Internet kingdom, is it really difficult for college students to escape this disaster?

Lu Xin, the administrator of the Northwest Normal University BBS Forum, told reporters that the Internet, as an emerging medium, has become a more and more respected method of communication and sewage disposal by a new generation of college students.

However, due to the unique privacy and virtual nature of the Internet, the Internet can sometimes become the “flower of evil” that causes psychological problems.

Through the supervision of the school forum, Lu Xin found that a large number of college students will exhibit psychological problems that are difficult to detect in real life, thereby advocating violence, pornography, and promoting hedonism and money worship.

Last year, another student in the school rebuilt his character and identity on the Internet because of unsatisfactory real life. He eventually suffered from “Internet dependence” and spent all day in an unreal world imagined by himself.And even hallucinations.

  Based on this, Wang Fangrong, a psychology expert at Lanzhou Medical College, pointed out that the Internet, as a way of psychological excretion, has its two sides and is a double-edged sword.

We cannot deny that the Internet can bring people more frank and open exchanges and communication, and we cannot ignore the disadvantages caused by the virtual role of the Internet.

Many college students suffer from Internet psychological disorders because the Internet has weakened their weaknesses in reality, but they do not understand that their fundamental problems have not been resolved.

“Students like this will feel that everything is okay in the virtual world, and it is becoming more and more difficult to solve the problems in the real world.

“Wang Fangrong said:” So it is very desirable to rely entirely on the Internet for psychological pressure release, or to use only online psychological counseling and rescue measures.

Wang Fangrong pointed out that although network psychological disorder is a relatively serious mental illness, it can also be avoided. College students, parents and all walks of life need not worry too much about it or adopt a complete taboo on the Internet.

In fact, as long as you master the proper time and frequency of Internet surfing, correct the purpose and mentality of Internet surfing, and properly handle the relationship between reality and virtuality, so that people will not suffer from network psychological disorders, some stress and bad emotions can even be released, so thatPeople gain psychological balance and mental health.

Regulates uneven skin tone and refuses to face

Regulates uneven skin tone and refuses to face

Guide: red bloodshots, racial aberrations may cause you to become a “big flower face”. In addition to using cosmetics to cover up these blemishes, what other methods can be used to create a natural, even skin tone?

In pursuit of natural beauty, you have to act!


hzh {display: none; }  绝招一:使用含果酸的洗面奶调节肤色。  AHA is abbreviated as organic hydroacid extracted from raw fruits, sugar cane, honey cheese, etc. It has considerable efficacy in removing dead skin, can also help eliminate acne, lighten pigmentation and improve fine lines.

But also be careful to wipe pictures to avoid sensitivity!

  Recommended products: NeoStrata / Ni Ao Cui acid moisturizing classic cleansing gel Reference Price: RMB588 / 177ml Product introduction: mild, soap-free mild facial cleanser, contains 4% PHA ingredients, while cleaning the skin, help conditioningSkin elasticity.

Ideal for acne and sensitive skin; also ideal for dermatological treatments.

  Recommended reason: products containing fruit acid will make people with sensitive skin a little scared. This mild fragrance-free and soap-free mild facial cleanser should relieve you of this discomfort!

  Tip # 2: Use Red Hair Repair Milk to remove red blood.

  Bloodshot is mainly a facial phenomenon caused by facial capillary dilatation or the superficial position of some capillaries. Patients with facial red bloodshots look redder than the normal population, and some of the vertical and horizontal palate are red with borders that are round.

Severe cases will form depositive stains, which are difficult to cure, which will not only affect the beauty of the appearance, but also cause psychological shadows and cause great inconvenience to normal life. It can be seen that removing red blood cells is even necessary and imminent.

  Recommended product: Avene Redness Moisturizing and Repairing Milk SPF10 Reference Price: RMB / 40ml Product Introduction: With dual functions of moisturizing and protecting, it helps to promote the normal microcirculation of the skin, can effectively prevent and relieve the persistent redness of the face, and reduceThe frequency of periodic redness makes the complexion return to a uniform luster.

Apparently soothing and anti-irritating Avene spring water, soothing facial flushing.

Contains vasoprotective ingredients (Fructus Aurantii extract, pseudoleaf tree root and dextran sulfate) to prevent persistent redness of the skin.

The sun protection index SPF10 can reduce the damage of skin capillaries by ultraviolet rays.

  Recommended reason: Xiaobian has also used a bloodshot product, the most delightful is also with SPF10 sun protection index!

  Tip 3: Use a whitening sunscreen to protect against whitening.

  Whitening has always been the beauty topic of mms, but even skin tone and pure soft skin are the whitening effects that mms are pursuing. Therefore, a certain whitening cream is of course a must-have!

  Recommended products: Clinique Smart Skin Sunscreen SPF30 Reference price: RMB320 Product introduction: Antioxidant ingredients, the stronger the sun exposure, the stronger the protection, effectively protecting the external damage around the skin.

Provides SPF30 sun protection.

Oil-free and waterproof formula.

Passed allergy test.

Advanced technology for sensing sunlight intensity: It can properly improve the antioxidant protection function through sunlight enhancement.

Repair skin, help prevent the appearance of long-term aging; resist the invasion of skin by environmental factors.

Water-resistant and oil-free, it feels comfortable after applying it.

  How to use: 15-20 minutes before sun exposure, evenly apply “SPF15 UV Sensitive Sunscreen Lotion”.

After swimming or sweating, reapply it immediately.

  Recommended reason: sunscreen, whitening two-in-one product, oil-free, waterproof formula is also an important magic weapon to stand out from many sunscreen products.

  Smart Skin Sunscreen SPF30 Tip # 4: Use a whitening and delicate mask to even out skin tone.

  The whitening mask has various styles, but how to choose to help mm achieve the perfect whitening effect?

In addition to the simple whitening effect, it is also necessary to purify the skin and shrink the pores!

  Recommended products: YUE-SAI Yuxi White Exquisite Purifying Instant Mining Mask Reference Price: RMB220 / 75ml Product Introduction: Purification, whitening, and one step to achieve purification, whitening effect, skin instantly silky, white, translucent, pores tightened!

A matte whitening 2-in-1 mask that deeply cleanses and purifies the skin.

Containing high phosphate, it quickly soothes the skin and absorbs dirt in the pores. When washing, the scrub particles in the mask play a role in gently removing aging cuticles and dead skin.

Combined with high-efficiency whitening ingredients peony peel extract and kombucha, skin appears instantly white and transparent from the inside out.

After purification, the skin is more likely to absorb subsequent whitening products. It is a perfect companion for white exquisite pure and bright mask. Use it every week to witness a whiter, smoother and more translucent whitening miracle!

  Recommended reason: Just listening to the words “Bai Linglong” has the urge to try it, Bai Delong is thorough and thorough, I believe it is the wish of every woman!

Xi reminds young people to stay up late

Xi reminds young people to stay up late

Xi Xida, Chairman of the Central Military Commission, held a symposium at the Great Hall of the People to talk and exchange the “Country Secretary of the County” with the teaching materials of the first county party secretary workshop of more than 200 Central Party Schools.

He also mentioned the past when he was the secretary of the county party committee, and said that in order to stay up late and get sick often, he reminded young people not to stay up late.

We all know that staying up late is both sad and sad, so what exactly is the harm of staying up late?

Stay up all the five types of vital organs gradually degenerate, dry skin, wrinkles, acne, pigmentation, 10 to 2 am is the most exuberant time for skin metabolism. If the body is sleeping, the skin can deal with metabolic waste freely.

If he stays up late and his skin is widening, all harmful substances from the outside will be absorbed into the skin.

And staying up late can make men’s hormone levels unbalanced, causing acne and acne.

  Eye aging performance: vision loss, blurred vision The most tired organ when staying up late is the eye, because continuous fatigue of the eye muscles can cause temporary vision loss.

If you stay up late for a long time and are tired, you may have blurred vision, shadows, or changes in color of the visual field after staying up all night.

  Gastrointestinal pain, stomach acid, and even cause gastric ulcer. The stomach is an organ in the body that is more sensitive to timetables. Staying up late can cause excessive gastric acid secretion and induce gastric ulcer.

At the same time, the smoke, strong tea and coffee he used to stay up late were also bad irritation to the gastric mucosa.

Liver clinical medicine proves that most genetic liver diseases are related to “boil”, except for genetic and infectious factors.

  From 23 o’clock to 3 o’clock the next day, it is the strongest decomposition of liver activity and the best time for detoxification of the liver. If liver function is not rested, it will cause relatively insufficient blood flow in the liver, and damaged liver cells are difficult to repair and intensify.deterioration.

The liver is the body’s largest metabolic organ, and liver degradation damages the entire body.

Therefore, it is not an exaggeration to say that “long staying up late is equal to chronic suicide”.

  Brain memory declines, unresponsiveness, seizures, insomnia. The brain repairs the cells responsible for memory during sleep. If you don’t get enough rest, these cells will be lost more and more, resulting in memory loss.

  When you stay up all night, it means that the nerves responsible for the work of the human body are working overtime, and the consequence of fatigue of the nervous system is negative idleness, which causes the body to lose focus, slow response, and even headache and insomnia.

  Immune body resistance is low, often sick at night is the peak time for the body to produce new cells. Staying up late keeps the body in a state of exhaustion, the immune system resists external influences, and the work of repairing internal tissues must be doubled.

Gentle yoga for soothing mood and promoting sleep

Gentle yoga for soothing mood and promoting sleep

Are you caused by some trivial things in your life, are you thinking about it because you are in a bad mood, are you confused because of feelings . These are the reasons that cause everyone to lose sleep.

In fact, if you want to stay insomnia, just let go of your mood and not think about those things, then try to cooperate with the following yoga styles to help you relax your mood and promote sleep.

  Compared to other yoga methods, the special place of sleep yoga is relaxation. Through breathing, asana, rest, and other methods, you relax yourself and enter a state of complete rest.

Posture is no longer the focus of our attention, it is only the pavement for us to enter the rest stage. Relaxation and rest is the intervention of the whole process.

Next, all of our movements focus on relaxation.

  Spine Back[Position]The legs are slender and separated from the shoulders, and the arms naturally hang down on the body.

Pay attention to the spine up when inhaling, gently push forward the pelvis when exhaling, slowly bend your body backwards, support your hands with the back of your legs, and your head will naturally sag.

Adjust your breathing, keep it natural, then inhale to prolong, then repeat.

  [Efficacy]Health care of the spine, not only soothes the spinal nerves for additional nourishment, but also opens the top to prevent unhealthy postures such as closed shoulders and sagging.

  Jinglian style[Position]Squat style, legs open to the right to try to form a word. When inhaling, lift your arms up and your heels off the ground to lift the center of gravity. When exhaling, press and hold down, both thumbs and forefingers touchPut a handprint on top, close your abdomen, and look straight ahead.

Initially repeated.

  [Effect]Stimulate the pelvic cavity, exercise the pelvic floor muscles, promote blood circulation in the pelvic cavity, and improve concentration.

  Prayer[Position]With both feet parallel and slender, put your right foot first and press your heel against the perineum.

When inhaling, raise your arms together and let your palms fall to your chest when exhaling, and look down at your fingertips.

Relax in front, breathe naturally, and stay focused.

Then exhale, and practice on the other side.

  [Effect]Nourishing strengthens leg muscles and enhances ability to concentrate.

  At the beginning, some yoga moves may not be very standardized. It doesn’t matter. Just try to get close. As time goes by, the flexibility of the body has been achieved, and these moves will naturally embarrass you.

Hypnotic and relaxing yoga is especially suitable for office workers.

Weight loss yoga 2 strokes thin waist and thin legs

Weight loss yoga 2 strokes thin waist and thin legs

Recommend Yoga 2 for weight loss, keep practicing, keep your waist and legs thin, and show your slim body.

  Slim waist legs, conventional legs are what women dream of. Is it so difficult to find slim waist legs?

Today, Xiaobian recommends 2 exercises for weight loss yoga, keep practicing, and keep your waist and legs thin to show your slim body.

  1. Sit up with your legs twisted on your back with step1, your right leg straight, your left leg bent, your left foot lifted off the floor, your left foot stepped up, your calf parallel to the floor until you hold your hands behind your head and lift offGround, turn right to right, hold for 15 seconds.

  Step 2 change to the other side and repeat. Keep your left leg straight, your right leg bent, lift your right foot off the floor, keep your body straight, and twist your head to the right for 15 seconds.

  2, forward bending step 1 sitting position, feet close to each other, legs straight into the floor, feet tight, straight toes pointed to the ceiling, straight forward, stepped forward slightly, tilted forward, hands foldedTry to keep your forearms parallel to the floor.

  Step2 Slowly straighten your arms and raise your head, tilt your head back, pull up on the right side, press down on the left side, and stretch your legs.

  Step3 Lower your weight, hook your toes with your fingers, straighten your hips, and lean forward slightly to keep your legs stretched.

  Step4 Lower your head and try to press down on your waist, so you can move your waist and stretch your legs.

  Step 5 continue to lower cholesterol, hold your hands around the soles of your feet, press your abdomen down near your thighs, and head straight behind you.

  Step 6 continued to lower the front, holding the left wrist with the right hand, the left palm touched the ground, and the chest touched the thigh surface.

  Step7: Lower your knees, face close to your calf, hold your toes with both hands and fingers, keep your legs straight, and press your waist as much as possible.