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Men’s Love Advice

Men’s Love Advice

1. It is better not to smoke if you can not smoke. It may help you attract some girls, but never smoking will not cause boredom. There are many ways to show masculinity. There is no need to bet on health.

  2. Set a goal for yourself. One, two, or five years. Maybe you were born better than others. Through hard work, you can often change 70% of your destiny.

Broken jars can only be friends with cowardice.

  3. Finding a girlfriend’s appearance is the first step, but it’s not too late to understand her conduct before making plans.

  4. Don’t care about small money. People who work will regret that they were not good enough for their GF.

Remember your important days, your personality, girls are much more sensitive, so that at least you can prove that you know her.

  5. Love her, but don’t be afraid of her. You are lovers and friends. She doesn’t want pets. Such a relationship cannot go far.

  6. If she is ill, take her to the hospital. When she is scared, find a place with few people to own her, give her courage, help her line up, register, put down your sad face, people around will just throw her inEnvious eyes don’t tell you anything.

  7, do not entangle the lives of two people, space is the longevity medicine of love.

Do not always be jealous. Anyone who has a friend of the opposite sex should eat it when it is time to let her know.

  8. Treat her friends well. Even if she hates someone, you are not qualified to say bad things. All you have to do is listen to her quietly.

Give her comfort.

Sometimes, they need to rely more, even if you are still students.

  9. Don’t ask her the past. When the time comes, she will tell you without reservation.

If she wants to see the former one and let her go, because you won’t let her go, she will go too.

Why not be generous, but let her know that you are quite depressed.

  10. Cherish the people around you, don’t change your mind, everyone needs stability.

Even if the other person is 10 times more beautiful than your GF, he still approached you and gave you a secret code. Please tell her seriously that you have a girlfriend!

  11. She started to control your life, your money, and hesitated at you, instead sending a message asking your location.

Don’t worry, she just gave herself to you, afraid to lose you.

  12, take her to the place you used to go, she will be extremely happy inside, when you are frustrated, she will find you the first time.

  13. After a quarrel, do n’t turn off the machine, and do n’t hang out on the street with other people of the opposite sex, that will only intensify the contradictions.

  14. For her birthday, send her strawberry cake, not too big, but delicate enough to put your tired name on the cake.

Buy another big one and let her spend it with friends.

  15. When holding hands, don’t let go even if your hands are sweaty.

  16. Introduce her to your best friends, including friends of the opposite sex.

  17. Don’t always ask her to call, she also needs to be recognized.

  18. The dress is trying to match her taste, even if you want to improve the quality, please bring her.

  19, don’t peek into her privacy, don’t guess, together is fate, leaving is also fate.

  20, if you are in love, don’t trust the words of the rivers and lakes to relax your sorrow, and the spit taste is uncomfortable. Even if you drink it, don’t rush to drink tea. Tea will not only hang out, but will hurt your kidneys.

  21, don’t think about how to rebuild the old days all the time, in addition to love, there are still many problems in front of you to solve.

This is a realistic society. Feelings cannot be eaten as food, and poor couples are sad.

Don’t believe in movies, it’s just a place for many strangers to make noise.

  22. After breaking up, you can be sad and sad, but the transition period cannot be too long, because this period is an excellent time for studying and working.

  23. If you can’t help being lonely, wait at least half a year, otherwise you will deny both her and yourself.

  24. When she no longer loves you, no matter how much you miss her, don’t call and tell her, because some people will remember the first one, and some people will only remember the last one.

  25. Among good friends, you must cultivate a confidant. Do not think that you are so exquisite. There are friends everywhere. In the end, there is only one who truly treats you. Believe me.

  26. If her departure is a major blow, find a good hair stylist for a haircut, which can make you look new.  27. Don’t bother her life, she will only think that when you look at the wrong person in the past, you will also despise yourself.

  28, you meet on the street, please smile at her, leave the smile to the person who hurt you the most.

  29. Tell the people around you that you and she have broken up, avoid them to report to you, and see who and who again.

  30. Don’t believe in horoscope numerology, that is to deceive children, and fate is in their own hands.

Do you want to wait for a house or a car?

  31. Your friends are best to diverge around yourself and allow a few fulcrum points to connect. Do not turn your circle of friends into an airtight multilateral type. You must keep a hole card for yourself.

Top 10 ways to make sleep incredibly sweet

Top 10 ways to make sleep incredibly sweet

Nothing can make you lose your ability to do things more than a bad sleep.

Studies show that sleep deprives Americans of a great deal of productivity; yawning employees are unable to stay awake, unable to make the right decisions, unable to concentrate on their work, or even maintain a peaceful mood.

Fortunately, we have many ways to fight insomnia and improve sleep quality so that you can overcome it.

Let’s talk about 10 today?
Sleep tips.


It ‘s almost time to go to bed before going to bed. Do n’t check your email or watch TV anymore, so you will sleep better.

A recent investigative report showed that people staring at electronic devices (with a few backlit displays) before going to bed had poor sleep quality, and even spent the same amount of time resting.

Lifehacker reader JFitzpatrick made the perfect explanation: use a backlit display device, alternating flashing TV or computer screen before going to bed, which will give the brain an exciting stimulus, instead of like the sun going down, “You are going to bedSignal “.

That’s why you feel that you spend a lot of time switching from one channel to another during insomnia, or browsing Lifehacker and Digg.

These slight stimuli consolidate such a feeling in your brain and make you more and more excited.


Performing sleep-promoting exercises We all know the benefits that exercise can bring to our bodies-a comfortable night’s sleep is also one of the exercises.

But it must be done in the morning or at noon, not at night. When you are dreaming, you will realize the tension it brings you.

  CNN report: The National Sleep Foundation found that doing sleep exercises at noon can help your eyes close easily and reduce the time it takes to fall asleep.

However, they warn that excessive practice may lead to the exact opposite effect.

A 2003 survey showed that having the right system to ensure a morning break is the key to the problem.

Researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have obtained evidence that women who practice sleeping for 30 minutes each morning are substantially free of sleep damage compared to those who do not.

Women who practice at night have basically no improvement in their sleep.

  Oh yeah, sleep exercises will make you spend more time in bed, and with it, sex.


Food Improvement There are some foods that can significantly promote your sleep.

You already know hot milk, chamomile tea and turkey. Here is a list of other foods from Yahoo Food, such as bananas, potatoes, oatmeal, whole wheat bread, etc.

Are you still fighting drooping eyelids in the office?

Take a look here, it will not induce you to sleep for lunch.


Managing an efficient snoring The traditional 20-minute snoring is getting more and more attention, although it is slow, but there is no doubt that some large companies have already opened a sleep warehouse in the office, and there are many software programs such as Pzizz that can help youCreate a sound environment suitable for sleep.


Stay away from deafening alarm clocks. No one wants to get out of bed with a beastly beep, but our brain ignores all the slight sounds when we fall asleep.

Lifehacker reader Jason solved this buzzing executioner with a dual alarm system.

  Place an alarm clock on your nightstand and another alarm clock on the other side of the room, paying attention to time synchronization.

Set the alarm clock on your bed to, uh, 6:30, if that’s when I want to get up.

Set an alarm sound for another time and make sure it can wake me up, but not too loud.

Then set it to 6:31, remember to choose the most unbearable alarm.

That way, when I wake up in the morning by your bedside alarm clock, I will know that I have 60 seconds to get out of bed, walk through the room, and then turn it off before the demon suddenly.

My goal was achieved: I got out of bed and there was no noise.

  Of course, there are some very talented people who can train themselves to wake up naturally before the alarm goes off.


Solving problems in sleep still struggling to think of a difficult first problem?Or the quagmire surrounding the lack of creativity?

Or is it solving a very complicated problem, which makes you mind-wrenching?

Studies have shown that when you close your eyes, you can better deal with problems and lead to difficult-to-determine preferred decisions.


Treating insomnia calmly is nothing worse than lying in bed all night and staring at the ticking clock ticking by and then imagining your decadence tomorrow.

  When insomnia knocks on your door, you have to treat it with a kind of peace of mind, and let your speeding brain gradually calm down.

A tourist contributed an article by Ryan Irelan to defeat insomnia with “blue energy”.


A quick way to enter Xiaoyan: Clanging spoons Salvador Dali is an artist and a person who is good at hitting one. He has an interesting nap technique based on the idea that in the process of you going to sleepYour body is also resting, as if you were resting for a few hours with your eyes closed.

He uses a spoon so that when he loses consciousness, he will be woken up by the spoon.

Here’s his method: lie down or sit in the position of a physician, oh oh your finger is holding a spoon.

You should clamp it this way: when you lose consciousness (that is, you fall asleep) it will fall . and then the jingle sound will wake you (you can put a plate under your spoon).
. so you wake up just when you are in your dream.

You can also choose a key for the same effect.


A powerful nap after drinking coffee needs a powerful sober method to overcome sleepiness and depression?

After reading a cup of coffee and taking a nap for 15 minutes, your brain will work again.


Learn to announce that dreams caused an unfortunate dream last night?

When this happens, you have to tell yourself that you are dreaming, and don’t be controlled by dreams.

Knowing that you can better control the occurrence of dreams after you dream.

You can learn to clear your dreams by writing a diary. You can also learn some techniques about dreaming.

4 ways to quickly create sexy muscles

4 ways to quickly create sexy muscles

Push your shoulder forward with your sharp neck to inflate your shoulders and make it strong enough to break your shirt.

  The grip between both hands is the same as the shoulder width, and the barbell is inserted into the shoulder.

Align it with a slight flexion, then straighten it quickly while lifting the barbell over your head, replacing the starting position with the barbell.

  When you roll the abdomen, you will get 6 packs of muscles, and the skill on the bed will be greatly improved.

  Kneel on your knees, holding the barbell forehand.

Your shoulders should be directly above the barbell bar, keeping the length straight and the lower tail above.

Slowly roll the barbell forward, placing your body as far away as possible.

Pause, then use your abdominal power to pull the barbell back to its original position.

  The action of leaning over the rowing makes your body more three-dimensional and more man looking from the side.

  Hold the barbell in your forehand and aim slightly.

Bend over until your upper body is parallel to the ground, with your arms straight down.

Pull up the barbell to the abdomen.

Pause, then lower the barbell to the starting position.

  Squat in front of your neck to shape your fabulous legs and look more like a legendary macho.

  Step forward with your right foot, insert the barbell over your shoulder, and keep your upper arm parallel to the ground.

Lower your body until your left leg fracture will approach the ground, then rise to the starting position.

After completing each set, swap the legs.

Sleeping on a hard board bed is better for health

Sleeping on a hard board bed is better for health

In the past, the folk circulated “sit back and relax” and said that people thought it was scientific sleep knowledge.

In fact, it has been proved from a large number of clinical cases that too high a pillow will damage the spine.

Therefore, what is appropriate bedding has become a new problem for people.

This research scholar believes that the height of the pillow is very particular.

The “sit back and relax” view is wrong.

  The pillows are too high. When a person sleeps, the cervical vertebrae are previously elevated, resulting in that the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae cannot be aligned.

Now medically advocates “low pillow without disease”, the optimal height of the pillow should be slightly higher than when lying flat.

At the same time, you can use buckwheat husks, millet, mung beans, etc. You can also put a little chrysanthemum in it, but you must pay attention to insect control.

  In addition, sleeping on hard-board beds is also recommended.

Scholars believe that rigid beds are used in hospitals, because hard beds are really good for patients to recover from their illness.

The Simmons bed, which is widely popular today, is too elastic and too soft. People feel very comfortable sleeping on it. In fact, such a bed is not good. It easily deforms and bends the spine.

After all, the bed should be hard or soft.

  Room temperature is also important. It is best to keep the room temperature at 16-18 ° C. This temperature is also suitable for elderly and children.

At this temperature, people are less likely to get sick and contribute to good health.

Best vegetables in anemia

Best vegetables in anemia

Red beets (ren beets) are similar to Chinese red robs and have a slightly sweeter taste.

Red beets are rich in iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamins A, C, and carbohydrates.

  Modern scientific research confirms that red beet is rich in nutrients, contains crude protein, soluble sugar, crude fat, supplementary fiber, vitamin C, niacin, etc., and contains potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper and other minerals, Can nourish the body by supplementing the body with the nutrients it needs.

  If you are anaemic, your face is dim, your skin is chloasma, you have a cold and fever, and your body is weak and weak after the illness. Red beets can help you.

Red beet root is rich in potassium, phosphorus and easily digestible and absorbable sugars, which can promote gastrointestinal motility; beet root has natural red vitamin B12 and iron, which invigorate blood; vitamin C in red beet can fertilize trivalent iron in the intestineReduction to divalent iron promotes iron absorption; niacin in red beet participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, increases hemoglobin, and enhances oxygen carrying capacity.

  If you cause excessive harmful free radicals in your body because of smoking, excessive drinking, unhealthy eating habits, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, ionizing radiation, plants, poisons, drugs, food additives, stress, extreme sadness and depression, and depression, etc.Causes cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, skin wrinkles, diabetes, dementia, etc. Red beet can help you.

Vitamin C in red beet is one of the antioxidant vitamins. It scavenges free radicals and is good for preventing a series of diseases caused by excessive free radicals.

  If the food warehouse in your body is uncomfortable with the stomach and the gastric mucosa is bad, it directly affects the function of the gastrointestinal tract, and boots directly affect the health of the body. Red beet can help you.

The nutritional content in red beet significantly promotes and strengthens the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, and indirectly protects the health of the liver, gallbladder, spleen and kidney; the supplementary fiber in red beet can promote the absorption of zinc and other minerals, and help the stomach and intestinesChildren, the elderly, office workers, and students who are not able to absorb well, get balanced nutrition.

  If you are susceptible to colds, debilitating, appetite, weak constitution, weak body after illness, partial eclipse, anorexia, etc., if you need to nurse fatty liver, recovery period of hepatitis A and B, weak liver function, if you need to nurse adolescence, pregnancy, Body changes during childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause. If you need to recuperate your body with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, red beets can help you.

Red beet supplements the human body with various nutrients and is good for your health.

  If you need to treat coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, arrhythmic bodies, red beets can help you.

Red beet promotes blood circulation and is good for regulating old age disease.

  If you need to regulate your vision, presbyopia, and prevent various eye diseases caused by vitamin A, red beets can help you.

  Red beets are so good for your health. It is no wonder that ancient Romans and Greeks, modern Europeans, from presidents to civilians, loved red beets.

  Beets are sometimes regarded as a small heart. A cup of beets has 1/3 of the folic acid needed daily. This folic acid can protect people from heart disease.

  Beet and Cancer Former Soviet Union scholars believe that beet juice can produce healthy cells and change nucleic acids.

  Beet has a bad name, its high blood sugar content.

The fact is that when we have high blood pressure it turns into blood sugar, which is the underlying glucose.

In your blood vessels, free radicals induce your cells to spread, causing high blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes.

Some plasma foods slowly turn into blood sugar, which also makes it easy for cells to accept.

The other plasma immediately turned into blood sugar, exacerbating the problem.

  Beets are considered to rapidly increase cholesterol, but they are actually very slow. A pack of beets is not as good as meat, so eat a lot of beets.

  Beet and constipation Beet replaces fiber, and one cup contains 3 grams of fiber that Americans are missing in large quantities, so it relieves constipation.

Willfulness, irritability, need?

Then drink a glass of water and eat beets.

Wild vegetables eat more health: Amaranth or acacia flowers may cause allergies

Wild vegetables eat more health: Amaranth or acacia flowers may cause allergies

At present, it is the season when wild vegetables are on the market. Many people love wild vegetables to the point of obsession. They think that only wild things are delicious, nutritious, and even curative food.

In fact, some wild vegetables are slightly toxic, and eating more is limited to nourishing the body, but it will hurt the body.

  It is understood that wild celery, wild onion, amaranth, gray ash, purslane, locust flower, wild garlic, etc. all contain substances that can cause induction. Some people with special constitutions are likely to cause allergic reactions after eating.

For example, after eating gray ash, purslane, and locust flower, if the skin is exposed to the sun, it can easily induce solar dermatitis, redness, swelling, itching and other symptoms on the eyelids, face, complications and arms, and even blisters;If you eat too much wild garlic, you may experience symptoms such as dry throat and swollen eyes.

  Some wild vegetables are not toxic by themselves, but because they grow around industrial areas, on both sides of roads, and in water and soil in these places, they contain quite a lot of heavy metal elements. These toxins may enter the plant body, and the deposition will decline, and the content will greatly exceed the safety limit.

Consumption in large quantities for a long period of time can cause certain injuries to the body.

  There is a degree to everything, and so does eating wild vegetables.

Most edible wild plants have a bitter cold taste and can defuse the fire, but eating more will hurt the spleen and stomach, causing stomach pain, nausea, and rejection and vomiting.

Therefore, no matter what kind of wild vegetables, just taste fresh, do not eat for a long time and in large quantities.

Once eating wild vegetables, symptoms such as itching, puffiness, rash, or subcutaneous bleeding should be stopped immediately and you should go to the hospital for treatment.

Allergic rhinitis can be eaten like this: medication

Allergic rhinitis can be eaten like this: medication

The onset of allergic rhinitis is related to allergic constitution, mental factors, and endocrine disorders.

The main symptoms are a sudden onset of nasal itching, sneezing and runny nose.

Chinese medicine is called epistaxis, and the disease is paroxysmal. At first, itching of the nasal cavity, dilation, swelling, frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, and a lot of nasal discharge, some cases may have headaches, tinnitus, and hearing impairment.During the examination, the nasal mucosa was pale or dark gray, edema-like, and the turbinate was enlarged.

  Kidney deficiency type clinical manifestations of nasal runny nose, frequent sneezing, nasal itching correction, frequent recurrent episodes, sooner or later; soft waist and knees, cold limbs, premature ejaculation with nocturnal emission, excessive nocturia, pale tongue, pale fur, weak pulse.
  Therapeutic medicated diet 1.

Pork Kidney in Fish Pot: Scutellaria baicalensis 250g (cut into sections), 100 grams of pork kidney, cooked in the same pot, seasoned and eaten.


Cistanche Jinying lamb porridge: 15 grams of Cistanche, 15 grams of Jinyingzi, 100 grams of refined lamb, 100 grams of rice, seasoned with fine salt, 2 onions, 3 slices of ginger.

First, cistanche and Jinyingzi decoction to remove the residue and juice, add mutton, previously cooked porridge with rice, when cooked, add salt, ginger, and light green onion.


Asparagus porridge: 15 grams of dodder seeds, 5 grams of asarum, 100 grams of rice, sugar.

After washing the dodder, mash it and fry asarum water to remove the residue and juice, add rice to the porridge, add sugar when the porridge is cooked.

  Wind-chill type clinical manifestations of nasal congestion, sneezing, runny nose, cough, sore throat, aversion to cold, body pain, red tongue, thin white fur, and tight pulse.

  Therapeutic medicated diet 1.

Chicken soup with scallion and red dates: 10 jujubes (without cores), 5 stalks with white onions, 100 grams of chicken bones, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of ginger, and 100 grams of rice.

The previous rice, chicken, ginger, and red dates are used to cook porridge. Congee, then add onion, scallion, seasoning, once a day.


Fairy porridge: 6 grams of ginger, 6 roots of scallion white, 60 grams of glutinous rice, 10 ml of rice vinegar, wash the glutinous rice and cook with ginger, put the scallion white when the porridge is cooked, and finally add rice vinegar and cook immediately.

Famous Chinese medical practitioner Shi Qi: no longer trust those so-called health shortcuts

Famous Chinese medical practitioner Shi Qi: no longer trust those so-called health shortcuts

There is no doubt that the “health health craze” is one after another, and “health stars” are emerging endlessly, and a variety of health books occupy the forefront of the best-seller list, of which “Chinese health” is the most popular.

  With the fog of “Zhang Wuben Incident” dissipating, many so-called health experts and health treatments have been questioned, and some people in robes have also questioned Chinese medicine: Is it useful?

Is it true that Chinese medicine is unclear about metaphysics?

  In an exclusive interview with “Liberation Weekend”, Professor Shi Qi, a 73-year-old national Chinese medicine practitioner, pointed out that the so-called experts and cheats under the banner of Chinese medicine cannot represent true Chinese medicine.

One of the top priorities under the “healthy disorder” is to let people know the truth of Chinese medicine.

  The reporter came to interview the next day, and Shi Lao, who was more than 20 years old, wrote the heartfelt words of his medical career for decades.

He has served as the deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau and the president of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although he has made numerous reports and published numerous articles about the development of Chinese medicine, he is still very serious about receiving this interview.

  Talking about Chinese medicine practitioners who are full of passion, it seems that they have forgotten their age . It is not the fault of traditional Chinese medicine to talk about “Zhang Wuben Incident”, but it reflects the embarrassment and trouble faced by the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

  ”Packing some common sense into a slang term for ‘all cures’, and subverting some common sense into’ mighty ‘myths.’ This kind of reckless statement contrary to the spirit of science is essentially a deceit.

“” The layman does not say it, the layman talks indiscriminately, which to a certain extent promotes the ‘healthy disorder.’

“Liberation Weekend: Young people, Chinese medicine has received the attention and enthusiasm of many people, but this concern always seems to be connected with the word” health “, and health has almost become the main people’s demand for Chinese medicine.

  Shi Qi: It has caused people to pay more and more attention to their own health problems. Health care, especially “Chinese medicine health care”, has a high degree of attention. This has caused a misunderstanding of people. When talking about Chinese medicine, people think it is completely fundamental.Western medicine injections and medicine, thinking that traditional Chinese medicine can prevent you from taking medicine, that is, diet or meridian therapy.

  Liberation Weekend: The reason why this impression will be brought to people, I have to mention Zhang Wuben’s best-selling “Eating Sick Diseases Back”.

  Shi Qi: A pound of mung bean boiled into water every day can cure myopia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and tumors. This statement goes against the common sense of “syndrome” and “moderation” that Chinese medicine has faced for thousands of years.It is under the guise of traditional Chinese medicine that it is partial and comprehensive, it is false, and it is false and false. It almost misleads the readers’ concept of health care. It also misleads everyone’s understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and destroys the reputation of traditional Chinese medicine.

Therefore, what must be proposed is that the Zhang Wuben incident should not be confused with the real health of TCM. There is nothing wrong with TCM, and the “Zhang Wuben incident” is not the fault of TCM.

  Liberation Weekend: Before the “Zhang Wuben fever”, various stars of TCM health and TCM health books have formed a craze in society. Some readers especially believe in the so-called “Traditional Chinese Health Samples” in the book.

A variety of health books seem to have these characteristics. People talk about whatever topics they care about. They firmly grasp the people ‘s psychology. The basic language is easy to understand. It is easier to “operate” than to see a doctor.end.

  Shi Qi: Yes, some mung beans and eggplants that have been “deified” have certain nutritional value to the human body. This is common knowledge that many people are not unfamiliar with.The conclusion of “all diseases” can violate scientific common sense.

  Liberation Weekend: Steven Barrett, who was included in the “Time Weekly” in the United States as “the first person in anti-counterfeit medicine in the United States,” recently said: “Facing those who claim to be health experts, the Chinese need a little more skepticism.

Pseudo-health experts like Zhang Wuben are actually easily identifiable. Their commonality is to focus on ‘all diseases are eaten’.

People have to stay away from health experts who prescribe ‘food can replace drugs’.

Shi Qi: That ‘s right. Those so-called “healthy ways”
are nothing more than packing some common sense into a slang term for “a cure for all diseases”
and then subverting some common sense into a “mighty” myth.”This kind of reckless comment that goes against the spirit of science is essentially a deceit.

  解放周末:这位美国反伪医学第一人还戏称:“我有一个聪明的朋友曾说,庸医从来不睡觉,当火箭抵达月球一个星期后,那些庸医就开始销售‘月球灰’,并声称It works wonders for the treatment of arthritis.

“Shi Qi: Haha.

  Liberation Weekend: The uneven health books and the well-known health stars also seem to reflect the mentality of people who are eager for quick success in health care from another aspect.

It is this general mentality that promotes the formation of “healthy chaos.”

  Shi Qi: I think this mentality first reflects people’s need for health, and it also includes trust in traditional Chinese medicine.

However, real doctors will never take advantage of this need and trust of the common people, use the “traditional Chinese medicine banner” to exaggerate common sense or deny common sense, and deliberately concoct the sensational “health” viewpoint.

  Real TCM health is by no means a few “prescriptions”, and its connotation is extremely rich, including food nutrition, medical nutrition, acupuncture, massage, qigong and other aspects.

In the case of diet therapy, it is appropriate to formulate various dietary formulas for patients according to the characteristics of the disease to achieve the purpose of adjuvant therapy.

Food therapy should also be used according to the physical fitness of different people.

  Liberation Weekend: It can be said that ordinary people are very eager to understand the health knowledge of TCM health, but they are good at speaking Chinese medicine, and there are too few experts in TCM who can explain this knowledge in a simple way.

  Shi Qi: Yes, the insiders do n’t say it, the outsiders talk nonsense, which promotes the “healthy disorder” for a certain length.

Some laymen are good at catching the needs and psychology of ordinary people, so they use the professional banner to flicker, while some real experts are often more rigorous, or think that “good wine is not afraid of alleys,” and have not joined the ranks of Chinese medicine science.

In my opinion, the emergence of “Zhang Wuben Incident” reflects some misunderstanding and misinterpretation of TCM. Although the fault is not in TCM, it also reflects the embarrassment and trouble faced by TCM development.

  The first priority is to let people know the true Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine is not metaphysics, nor is it superstition.

“True Chinese medicine will never make people eat more than one thing blindly, let alone think that one or two foods can achieve the purpose of curing diseases.”” One method cannot solve all problems. Eating one or two prescriptions once and for all or simply pressing a few points is not in line with the original intention of Chinese medicine. ”

“Some people are willing to believe in the various health‘ secrets ‘under the banner of traditional Chinese medicine, which means that they trust Chinese medicine and need Chinese medicine, but they do not know the true Chinese medicine while trusting.

“As an old Chinese medicine practitioner who has contributed to the cause of Chinese medicine for decades, Shi Qi believes that the top priority is to let people know the true Chinese medicine.

  TCM culture has a long history. In the contemporary context, looking at the quaint and profound TCM theories thousands of years ago, and the classical philosophical ideas contained in difficult words, it is inevitable that modern people will have a “mysterious” or even difficult to explain TCM, and it is difficult to use science.Explain the impression.

The variety of health secrets just caught the mentality of someone watching flowers in the mist.

  In fact, traditional Chinese medicine is not metaphysics, nor is it superstition. It has its own unique laws and concepts, and after thousands of years of testing, it has become a treasure of traditional Chinese culture.

  In Shi Qi’s view, the key to understanding real Chinese medicine is to recognize the three characteristics of Chinese medicine.

  The first is the “holistic view.”

Chinese medicine believes that man is a unified whole, centered on Qi and Blood, the five qi, and six qi, which are adjusted through the meridian system.

At the same time, people and the external environment are unified.

Because of the integration of people and the outside world, traditional Chinese medicine is always in the “overall balance” and “yin-yang balance” in the process of preventing diseases, without causing a disease, a syndrome, or a symptom.

  ”Since stressing the balance and the degree of attention, the real Chinese medicine will never make people eat more than one thing blindly, let alone think that one or two foods can achieve the purpose of getting rid of disease!

“Shi Qi nudged the table lightly.

  Another principle of TCM is to pay attention to “perpetual motion”.

Life is moving, changing, and developing, not permanent rigidity.

One of the most widely recognized concepts is “Yin, Yang and the Five Elements”. The treatment and prevention of diseases by Chinese medicine is always blended with the concepts of the Five Elements.

TCM health adheres to the principle of “Four Seasons Yin and Yang”. The “Inner Canon of Yellow Emperor” believes that people should first conform to the laws of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in nature, and based on this, from diet, living, sports, and spiritual aspects.Come to health.

  ”One method cannot solve all problems. Eating one or two prescriptions once or for all or simply pressing a few points is not in line with the original intention of Chinese medicine.

“Shi Qi is serious and moral.

  ”Syndrome Differentiation and Treatment” is the third major feature of traditional Chinese medicine.

“每个人的体质和健康状况各有不同,一个好的中医决不会‘千人一方’,势必通过望闻问切,鉴别每个病人独特的病理情况以及整个身体的状况,并通过不同药材的配伍来The right medicine, how much each taste, how to mix will have different effects.

”施杞说:“单一个‘望’字就有多重涵义:一要望神,通过望观察病人的精神状态和面色的变化,来判明患病的轻重、预后等;二要把望全身与望Local combination; Third, look at the tongue coating to improve the accuracy of differentiation. For example, those with purple tongues are blood stasis, those who are greasy and white are cold and damp, and those who are yellow are hot and humid. Fourth, they should look at the throat, because the throat can reflect the disease.The rise and fall of the real and the righteous.

If you do not understand the treatment based on syndrome differentiation, because of disease and medicine, the treatment is not the right way, it will aggravate the patient’s condition, let alone cure and save people.

“In the pharmacopoeia of traditional Chinese medicine, there is never the word” immediate success and immediate benefit. “The true Chinese medicine practitioners believe in the tenet of” medicine is benevolence “.

“The benevolent loves others.

The key to loving patients is to have a sincere heart of pearls. With this heart of pearls, patients will always have a true feelings for you.

“” The world has its own true feelings. The healer treats others kindly, and he will also get great love.

Shi Qi’s understanding of “benevolent art” began when she was a child near her grandfather, watching how her grandfather practiced medicine to save people.

  ”Grandfather can treat patients with hypertension, patients with high fever, and children with diphtheria.

At that time, Chinese medicine was available to women and children in thirteen departments.

Shi Qi said.

  The 81-year-old grandfather said to him that year when he was enrolled in the university: “Let’s go to the medical school in Shanghai. There are famous doctors in Shanghai. There is knowledge in Chinese medicine. It is worth your hard work to study.

“When Shi Qi carried the admission notice from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to his grandfather’s bed, his grandfather’s words and thoughtfulness meant:” Medical medicine is benevolence, you have to be a good Chinese medicine.

In a word, remember for a lifetime.

  After entering the medical school, the masters of traditional Chinese medicine such as Cheng Menxue, Huang Wendong, Shi Xiaoshan, Chen Danian, Ding Jimin, Qiu Peiran and others have deep traditional cultural foundations and a gentle and affable attitude towards patients, which will make Shi Qi unforgettable all his life.

  After graduating, she entered the Department of Trauma of Longhua Hospital and studied under Shi Xiaoshan, the famous descendant of Shi’s Trauma.

“Every day, orthopedic patients from all over the country come here for consultations. The teacher also serves as a member of the CPPCC National Committee. There are many meetings and consultation tasks, but he still does his best to treat every patient meticulously, regardless of fame and fortune.Willing to be a general Chinese medicine practitioner.

In Shi Qi’s view, he who treats benevolence is to love Chinese medicine and care for patients.

He said: “The benevolent loves others.

The key to loving patients is to have a sincere heart of pearls. As long as you have this pearl of heart, patients will always have a true feelings for you.”More than 30 years ago, a retired worker from Jiujiang, Jiangxi was diagnosed with brain cancer locally. He went to Shanghai Longhua Hospital to find Shi Qi and sought last hope.

After careful diagnosis, Shi Qi thought that what he got was intracranial hematoma. After surgery and Chinese medicine, the patient finally recovered and was discharged.

  One summer a few years later, Xu Fumin, an old Chinese medicine practitioner at Longhua Hospital, accidentally suffered a traumatic brain injury with a fracture while recuperating in Lushan.

He rushed to Jiujiang at the foot of Lushan, but couldn’t buy a ticket to the mountain. I heard that it would take two or three days.

At the time of 100,000 rushes, Shi Qi met the patient who lived in Jiujiang by accident.

“Dr. Shi, you are my lifesaver!

“When the patient saw Shi Qi, he shook his hand excitedly.

  After understanding the problems encountered by Shi Qi, the old patient tried to correct the ticket.

Due to the heavy rescue mission, three days later, the hospital decided to use military aircraft to dispatch nurses to the mountain to assist Shi Qi.

When it was known that the two nurses had landed at the Jiujiang Interim Military Airport but could not go up the mountain, it was the patient who did everything possible to borrow a rare car at the time for them, so that the two nurses rushed to the bed in time.

  Talking about the past, Shi Qi was happy: “The world has its own true feelings. The healer treats others kindly and he will also get great love.

“Building an in-depth community to” treat the disease “, let the people know Chinese medicine, trust Chinese medicine, and Chinese medicine has developmental power.

“Through the seemingly inconspicuous popularization of TCM community science, people have stopped believing in the so-called shortcuts to health.

“Cultivate Chinese medicine talents and give them a degree.

In Shi Qi’s view, in order for more people to understand Chinese medicine and acquire correct knowledge of disease prevention and treatment, Chinese medicine should actively enter the people and the community.

He said: “Only if the roots of Chinese medicine are rooted deeper and more widely among the people, can the people effectively introduce the efficacy of Chinese medicine.

Through the seemingly inconspicuous popularization of TCM community science popularization, people’s health awareness can be better improved, so that they no longer trust the so-called health shortcuts.

Shi Qi’s experience comes from her own practice.

  Since Longhua Hospital paired with the Xuhui District community in 2005 and established a “famous old Chinese medicine community” model, Shi Qi has insisted on going to the community for free consultation every month.

The most encountered patients with arthritis are Shi Qi. When prescribing medicine, Shi Qi will tell them how to soak feet daily, and personally demonstrate a set of aerobics.

He said that all of this is to give patients a practical and cost-effective alternative to traditional Chinese medicine.

  The residents of the community are also very willing to find this famous Chinese medicine expert who claims to be a “community doctor”.

Because in addition to prescribing the patient, he will teach himself the “Twelve Methods of Health” based on years of experience.

  The great doctor of the Tang Dynasty Sun Simiao Zeng Yun said: “The disease is not ill when the doctor goes to the hospital, the disease that the Chinese doctor wants is the disease, and the disease that the doctor has the disease is the next doctor.

“As early as in the” Inner Canon of the Yellow Emperor “, the” sage has been cured but has not been cured “is the way to prevent illness and maintain health.

  Shi Qi believes that deepening the community of traditional Chinese medicine and carrying out the project of “treating the disease” is just a good thing for the benefit of the people, and it is also a major matter for traditional Chinese medicine to maintain its vitality.

Only by letting the people know and trust Chinese medicine, and it is really hoped that the efficacy and advantages of Chinese medicine can make Chinese medicine have a source of continuous development.

  At the same time that “Take roots in the people and win the trust of the people”, the development of TCM itself cannot be separated from the training of talents.

  In the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine founded by Shi Qi and the Institute of Spinal Diseases of the Shanghai Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a piece of paper-“The road is yellow, the fire is passed.”

Shi Qi said, “To train talents in Chinese medicine, many give them a degree.

“His method of educating people is” three ways. ”

The first is to “guide the way”, to guide each student to have a clear learning purpose and lofty ideals of dedication to the career of Chinese medicine; the second is to “pave the way”. Not only does he help students learn the course well, he also manages to obtain resources and research funding from various sources, and strives to createA first-class technology platform enables young students to have a “place to use” for training and growth; the third is “on the road”, Shi Qi said that he must play the role of “knowing the way of the old horse” and do everything possible to support young people.

  For many years, Shi Qi has always engaged in or accompanied students to bid, defend, demonstrate for them, and be bold.

He said: The heritage of traditional Chinese medicine proves that “inheritance is not ancient, innovation is not inseparable”.

Based on this principle, the Institute of Spinal Diseases has established cooperation with world-class orthopaedic research institutions such as the World Chinese Orthopaedic Research Society and Harvard University.

Every year, Shi Qi brings outstanding students into these institutions to study.

He asked students: “While using traditional Chinese medicine theories to study the science of orthopedics of traditional Chinese medicine, we must also use modern science and technology to conduct research to modernize the science of orthopedics of traditional Chinese medicine.

“The students do not forget the teachings of the teachers: Those who learn Chinese medicine must love Chinese medicine and believe in Chinese medicine.

At the end of their studies, they will always return to the teacher’s side as soon as possible and return to the position of Chinese medicine.

  At the end of the interview, Shi Qi handed the reporter a handwritten brush writing: “The poet Qingjing is in the Spring Festival, and the green willow is only half-even.If you want to go to the forest, the flowers are all out.

Shi Qi said that this was the inscription he wrote for his younger generation on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Longhua Hospital, and it was also one of his favorite Tang poems. “Don’t underestimate this ‘semi-uniform’, it is the hope of Chinese medicine.”

  Shi Qi Famous Chinese Medicine Doctor in Shanghai, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Honorary Director of Shanghai Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spinal Disease Research Institute, Lifetime Professor of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Former director of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology, Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, director of the teaching and research department, deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, president of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, president of Shanghai Chinese Medicine Association, and vice president of Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine.

  Model Workers in Shanghai.

In 1993, he obtained the certificate of outstanding contribution from the State Council.

Honorary Professor of the University of Hong Kong, he has also been appointed as a visiting professor by 8 foreign institutions including Princeton University, Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kansai Acupuncture University of Japan, European College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.

“Chi Hai” Chief Editor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Heir to the second, third and fourth batch of well-known Chinese medicine experts.

  He once worshiped Shi Xiaoshan, a famous old Chinese medicine practitioner in the country, and Professor Shi Youshan was a teacher. He systematically studied and researched the theory of traditional Chinese orthopedics and Shi’s traumatology.”Orthodox bone” exception passed down.

  Shi Qi also created the country’s first TCM doctor orthopedics department and a postdoctoral mobile station, which has trained 70 master students, 46 doctoral students, 7 postdoctoral students, and 14 high-ranking apprentices.

To strengthen the kidneys, press the ears often

To strengthen the kidneys, press the ears often

Chinese medicine believes that the kidney is the innate foundation, the kidney hides essence, steals in the ear, and the ear is healthy.

The auricle is shaped like a kidney. In fact, the ear and kidney are closely related.

Therefore, regular ear massage can strengthen the kidneys, strengthen the mind, refresh the mind, and prolong life.

Now introduce the simple ear point massage health care method as follows.

  1. After rubbing the palms of both ears until the fever, cover the auricle and massage repeatedly. The back of the auricle is also massaged. The method can be rotated clockwise for about 2-3 minutes each time. This method can help clearMeridian, kidney and qi.

  2. Scrape the ears and raise the thumb, and make a fist. Use the thumb abdomen and the second side of the forefinger to drag the scrape from the top of the ears. The ears should be congested with mild fever, about 2?
3 minutes.

This method can strengthen the brain, strengthen the kidney, and ears.

  3. Insert the middle part of the ear canal with the middle finger into the depression of the external ear canal, and interrupt it about 20-30 times each time. Feel the warmth of the ear canal, and then stop the edge of the depression.

This method can nourish the spleen and kidney, nourish Qi and calm the mind.

  4. Pull the tragus with the thumbs of both hands, twist the tragus with the index finger, and extend the lifting from the inside. The method is from light to heavy, every 3-5 minutes. This method refreshes the consciousness, improves headaches, insomnia, tinnitus and other symptoms.

  5, Ming Tiangu This is one of the health methods of Tang Dynasty medicine king Sun Simiao. Cover the palms of the palms on the back of the ears, put the ten fingers on the back of the head, lift the index finger gently, put it on the middle finger, and force the two index fingers to slide down at the same time., Click on the depression (wind pool acupoint) on the occipital bone in the back of the brain, at this time you can hear “咚咚” like drumming.

Mingtian drum can be done about 60 times a day, several times a day, which can effectively prevent and improve the symptoms of tinnitus and deafness in the elderly.

Why does a man have a desire to touch a woman’s breasts?

Why does a man have a desire to touch a woman’s breasts?

A man’s sexual desire is a desire for the whole soul.

The life image of anemia in men’s hearts needs to be replaced with rich, sweet and numerous spiritual feelings.

  When a man touches a woman’s soft breasts, smooth jade legs, and moist vagina, he immediately feels the stimulating feeling of desire and love.

Through exposure to these gentle feminine qualities, men began to recognize his tenderness towards women.

  Sexual desire is part of the primitive essence of man’s existence, but men must feel this essence by touching the body of the woman and the pleasant response given by the woman.

Often, after Boni and I had the perfect sex experience, I remembered that I had long forgotten the tree-like beauty outside the house. I would get up and walk outside, breathe the fresh air, and feel the beauty and vitality of life again.

  This is not to say that I can’t get this feeling of vitality at work, but that I can have perfect sex with my partner. I can find a keen sense of life again, and this feeling is easily lost in the process of focusing on the pursuit of work goalsForgotten.
Perfect sex helped me to stop my hurried pace and experience the fragrance of the roadside flowers.

  The more a man focuses on the daily chores that keep him away from real feelings, the more he desires sexual stimulation and relief.

Because the relief of these strong sexual pleasures made him reconcile with his true emotions and made him open his mind again.

For him, the desire for sexual desire is not only a pleasure experience, but also a profound experience of love.

  A man may not know this: In fact, his sexual desire is an overall desire of his soul.

The life image of anemia in men’s hearts needs to be replaced with rich, sweet and numerous mental feelings.

  When a man’s desire to soothe and be soothed is fulfilled, his psychic ability will naturally increase.

And when his consciousness is awakened, a tremendous energy of vitality will emerge; at this time, he will once again experience the feelings of joy, love and peace.