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Must learn to practice big chest and thin waist

Must learn to practice “big chest and thin waist”

The heads of fat people who are going to be fattened before bone shaping will hang forward, their backs will bend, and their waist will not lift up.
Therefore, weight loss must start with corrective postures. Correct postures can reduce the burden on bones and avoid incorrect postures that can make the body fat and osteoporosis.
Before performing bone-building exercises, sit still for 5 minutes to calm your mind and relax your body before performing various body-building exercises.
It takes a considerable amount of time for fat to start to burn. If you can’t continue to exercise for more than 5 minutes, no matter how intense the exercise is, it will not be effective.
Before doing bodybuilding exercise, do some gymnastics that can make your body soft, which can reduce the fat strain caused by exercise.
  Principles of Plastic Bone 1.
After correcting the hump, the bust will increase, and the muscle strength of the back will decrease, which will directly cause the back bone as the axis of the body.
The back bone is made up of 24 small bones. There are many joints. The weakening of the back muscles and the effect of the earth’s gravity can easily make some people hump.
The balance of muscles in these people was disrupted, sagging chests and buttocks, and their shape deteriorated.
Weak muscle strength also lowers calories burned and slows metabolism.
This is why people who get more humpbacks tend to get fatter.
  In order to improve this situation, you can try to make your body move in the opposite direction, and restore the muscle strength that supports the back bone through stimulation such as twisting.
Just by learning to ensure correct posture, maintaining and protecting the back bones, you can improve poor body shape and suppress obesity.
Stretching the pelvis, the abdomen becomes beautiful. The lumbar muscles that support the pelvis are effective for lower abdomen and waist weight loss.
It is the muscles that maintain bone balance, and the core muscles directly affect posture and metabolism.
In order to correct bones, it is important to strengthen muscle function.
  The supporting pelvic and core muscles are the muscles of the waist and hips that connect the back bones and thighs.
Especially the muscles of the waist are usually not easy to get exercise.
The muscles of the waist play a significant role in reducing weight in the lower abdomen and waist.
If the waist muscles are weak, it can cause humpback and whole body muscles to stagnate, which can accumulate fat.
If you exercise your waist muscles, you will tighten your abdomen and burn fat.
This is why the pelvis is upright, and the lower abdomen will look better.
  If the lumbar and gluteal muscles are weak, the pelvis will tilt forward or backward.
The viscera cannot be completely received in the pelvis, so it is pushed forward and a beer belly appears.
As long as the pelvis is straight, the lower abdomen will naturally retract.
缓解关节僵硬,消除脂肪  如果关节不能灵活运动,脂肪一定会堆积,如果定期伸压关节,脂肪就不容易堆积,而且能量消耗增加,就可以对抗肥胖,尤其是对于那些想减去臀部和 腿部For people with fat, it is important to move the bones and joints frequently.
The most critical part is around the bones and joints. This is where the muscles of the thighs and buttocks are concentrated. Extensing and pressing the bones and joints will also increase the metabolism of the muscles, which is good for bodybuilding.

Workplace Breakthrough Breakout Raiders-Maintain the rhythm and maintain a peaceful attitude

“Breakthrough Breakthrough” Strategy in the Workplace: Maintaining the Rhythm and Peace of Mind

Workplace evolution: Desperate breakout: Reversal is a positive energy. The core reminder: When you are in a dangerous situation but see the sudden opportunity, whoever you change, you will inevitably have some waves.

Sometimes, in a desperate situation where people can’t see hope, they can inspire stronger abilities and courage, while in the opportunity and the real benefits, they can be tentative in time, but may be self-defeating.

  The so-called reversal must be a bottoming bounce when in despair, and it is a huge energy that seems to be emitted when hopeless.
It is not a conventional “tactic”, but a rediscovery of a possibility-like a faint tinder, which may extinguish slowly and quietly, or it may develop through a wind that does not know where to come fromBecome the potential of Hagiwara.
  No matter how unwilling you and I are to think of a career as a competition, the truth is that competitions and judgments always happen to us.
The newcomers who joined the same year, who was the first to solo, who was the first to be entrusted with the heavy task, and who was the first to get a promotion opportunity, it seems that everyone’s efforts will always be clearly marked by these “hard bars”.
Often, leading people tend to think that with more effort they deserve everything they deserve.
But behind them, those who are behind are struggling to catch up in different ways-even if it seems hope is slim.
  Keep your own pace. On TV, the London Olympics swimming competition is underway.
The results on the screen showed that Ye Shiwen only ranked 5th when he turned the first time.
At this point, Zhou Yafei, the guest commentator, calmly said something that impressed me: In the 400-meter medley competition, four swimming styles must be used in succession. Each person’s strengths are different, so the most important thing is to maintainDon’t be confused by others.
  Many times, especially in this comprehensive examination of multiple abilities, the gains and losses of a city and a pool are not so important.
Some people are good at planning, some are happy to coordinate behind the scenes, some are born for big scenes, and some are willing to be a screw without saying a word.
This was the most normal thing, but it led to a result: starting from the same starting line, some people took the lead, and some people followed clumsily.
  In fact, that’s just because the leader happened to do what he did best in the beginning.
  At the beginning of his career, a hard-working engineer-type player is destined to be the darling in the office.
At this time, the newcomer does not need to bear any responsibility, and does not even need to have a unique idea.
The expectations of bosses and seniors are simple: do what they hand over to their satisfaction in the way and steps they require.
  And this kind of stability, stability, and step-by-step work may be exactly the shortcomings of active thinkers.
These people hate simple repetition and don’t like to be constrained; their strengths are optional actions-in a wider space, their creativity, coordination, communication, and leadership can be maximized.
  Obviously, the beginning stage of their careers is more about execution, and they lag behind.
  After the game, many people rejoiced about Ye Shiwen’s performance: the 16-year-old girl, nearly 300 meters behind the leader, was almost in a position. When no one hoped, she was in her advantage project-Achieved a lead in freestyle and broke the world record.
  As Zhou Yafei summarized, Ye Shiwen’s reversal was due to her maintaining her own rhythm from beginning to end, and she did not waver even in the backward and seemingly chasing hopeless situation.
She knew what her strengths were, so as long as she didn’t fall too far in the first half, she retained her hope of coming back.
On the contrary, if she succumbed to the opponent on her weaknesses and consumed too much energy needlessly, the result of the game is likely to be another look.
  With the increase of experience, I think more and more that it is a more advanced strategy to compare weaknesses with weaknesses.
Because the former will make you comprehensive and balanced without obvious defects, while the latter may help you to be more distinctive and even stand out in a certain field.
  Of course, for those in the office who haven’t waited for a chance to show their strength, maintaining their own pace does not mean doing nothing.
Just as Ye Shiwen has to concentrate on butterfly and backstroke during winter training, he must strive not to let himself be “struck by one stroke” on the short board, at least to retain a glimmer of hope for future reversals.
Under this premise, not panic, chaos, and urgency means that you have the technical conditions and psychological foundation for reversal, and then wait for the highlight moment that belongs to you.
  Sometimes the opportunity doesn’t make sense. There is another kind of reversal. It doesn’t make much sense.
  Last week, my friend Xiao Xue’s company had a technical training. The lecturer was American.
Just before the opening organizer, I found that the girl who was on-site interpreter was confused about many professional terms. Although the girl had a prestigious level 8 in English, she was always the best English in the company in the eyes of leaders and colleagues.
The entire morning’s training was stumbling, the leaders’ brows frowned, and the atmosphere in the conference room was breathless.
  At noon break, Xiao Xue found the organizer: “Will I try?
“Xiao Xiaoxue studied in Germany for a few years. Although the main language was German at that time, the professional courses were taught in English.
More importantly, since returning home, he has been working on the front line of technology. He knows exactly where there are problems in the implementation process and where guidance is needed.
  After changing the translation, the afternoon training went much smoother, and the originally planned three-hour course even ended early.Since then, Xiao Xue’s part of the company has been greatly improved. All departments have made an appointment for “the next time there is an interpreter to find you.” The leader saw him and took a cast: the guy is good, do it!

  This is, of course, something that fell from the sky, but the question is, when such a great thing comes over, are you ready to take the opportunity and hold it firmly?

  Guo Wenyu, the women’s 10m air pistol champion of the Beijing Olympics, went through such a process in London.

In the end, Guo Wenxun was unfavorable, and only shot 8 in the first shot.

0 ring.

She chased all the way, and was still behind the leader by the ninth shot.

5th ring, ranked second-if nothing unexpected, she will not have the opportunity to come back.

But the accident really happened.

In the last shot, the leader played abnormally and only hit 8.

8th ring; Guo Wenji hit 10.

8 rings, successfully defended.

  Opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared, and the old saying is right.

But what is prepared?

How to prepare?

What should we do when we see the reversal flares?

  Peace of mind is the first thing to do.

In danger, I saw unexpected opportunities. Whoever changed, it was inevitable that there would be some waves in my heart.
Sometimes, in a desperate situation where people can’t see hope, they can inspire stronger abilities and courage, while in the opportunity and the real benefits, they can be tentative in time, but may be self-defeating.
Therefore, the gravity of reversal is that the psychological quality is excellent. When the leader is unexpectedly out of the game, he can stabilize his emotions and turn the chance of falling from the sky into the fruit of victory.

  Of course, more important is the preparation of skills.

If you don’t have the ability to play 10 rings, if you don’t have the ability to speak English and professional vocabulary, your mentality will be healthy, and when the opportunity suddenly comes, you will be powerless, and it is someone else who gains the ultimate victory.

  Winning on the timeline Each reversal is a Jedi counterattack, a passionate peak experience.

But if we pull the time axis long enough, it is not difficult to find that many opportunities for reversal actually come from stability from beginning to end.

  The Olympic gymnastics men’s team final is a vivid example.

The main player will be injured, and the preliminaries will frequently make mistakes. The Chinese team ranked only sixth in the qualifying match and was once considered to miss the medal.

However, in the finals, it was absolutely the main force or the “firefighters” who were in danger. They all played stable, completed 18 events in 6 events with “zero turnovers”, and finally won the gold medal.

  Most people’s careers can last as long as two or three decades. In this long process, everyone will inevitably encounter wave crests and valleys.

If we broaden our horizons to a whole career instead of considering short-term performance, we will find that compared with roller coaster-like ups and downs, stability is much more reliable and effective.

  No matter in that field, there are too many idols who became famous in World War I.

In this contest in their careers, they rushed out early, and they rode away.

But at the beginning of a long marathon, the leader at the beginning does not necessarily win the final victory. Those who enter the sprint state early may be exhausted until midway until they are drowned in the vast crowd.

On the contrary, those who are not conspicuous in the first half, if they can move at a constant speed and even speed, then their chances of catching up and even surpassing in the second half will be reduced.

  Stability is actually a battle with time.

  The so-called reversal is the bottoming-out rebound when in despair, and it is the huge energy that seems to be emitted when hopeless.

It is not a conventional “tactic”, but it reveals a possibility-like a faint tinder, it may be slowly extinguished silently, or it may develop with the help of a wind that does not know where to come fromBecome the potential of Hagiwara.

Practice face yoga to create a pointed face

Practice face yoga to create a pointed face

Step 1: Tap with lotion to speed up blood circulation and eliminate edema. Use lotion along the skin’s texture in the morning and evening. Tap from bottom to top and tap from inside to outside to make the contour of the face firmer, skin more transparent, tender.

  step1: Dip a sufficient amount of lotion on both sides of the makeup paper, pat it from the chin, and extend it to the ears, as long as there is a little “slap, pop” sound when tapping, don’t hit it.

  step2: Gently pat your cheeks and forehead from bottom to top, pat your entire face 50?
100 times.

When the cotton pad feels good, replenish the lotion, otherwise it will easily pull on the skin.

  step3: After the slap is finished, gently cover the entire face with warm palms, you can pull up slightly to make the skin firmer.

  Step 2: Facial Yoga for thin face, the skin is elastic, firm and bright, and the supplemental lotion is added to the skin, and the key facial yoga exercises are added to improve the facial lines, eliminate the law lines, and solve the double chin.Tight and bright skin is close at hand, mm will do it quickly.

  step1: With the clavicle as the center, insert it upwards and downwards to expel toxins from the body.

  step2: Put your finger on your shoulder, turn your elbow back and forth over your head, and do it 8 times.

  step3: Start gently pulling both hands from below the ears to stimulate the lymph and promote blood circulation to the face and head.

  step4: Use the fingertips to massage the double of the head in a circular manner, as if pulling the muscles behind the brain.

This improves the lines on the face.

  step5: Block the eyebrow with your thumb and abdomen for 3 seconds and repeat 3 times to reduce intraocular pressure.

  step6: Press the middle finger directly under the black eyeball for 3 seconds to eliminate eye fatigue and lighten the dark circles.

  step7: Put the second joint of the fist under the cheekbones of the cheeks, and do it 3 times like pushing the meat up.

  Step8: Raise your face upwards, extend your tongue to the maximum limit and keep doing it for about 5 seconds and 3 times, you can solve the double chin.

Baby’s hip protector can also be DIY

Baby’s hip protector can also be DIY

[Guide]Baby’s little butt is red again!

Diaper rash often comes out to make troubles, smart mothers, don’t worry, follow us DIY, we will definitely get back the baby’s smooth butt!

DIY is environmentally friendly and economical. When it comes to defending your baby’s little butt, the mother ‘s first reaction must be: buy the best diapers for the baby; wipe the butt with the softest wet wipes;paste.

These things can be bought in the store, but the wipes and ointments you buy are not only more expensive, and they may not contain the most effective ingredients for the baby’s sensitive skin. Some of them may even irritate the baby’s skin and cause allergies.

Why not follow us-get up to make your own diapers, wipes and buttocks!

Since then, your baby’s little butt and wallet will definitely appreciate you very much!

Diaper DIY material selection: pure cotton or flannel fabric, needlework: 1.

Cut the fabric into accessories according to the size of your baby’s little butt.


Overlap several pieces of the same size and sew around to prevent debris from falling.

Advantages: Homemade diapers can be grasped freely from all aspects of particle size and cleaning, which is safer.

With a disposable diaper index, homemade diapers are reusable and more economical.

Wet wipes DIYNO1 basic care Wet wipes are alternately scrubbed with water, which will “deprive” the natural sebum on the buttocks, while using baby skincare wipes to help the baby clean the little buttocks, leaving a moisturizing protective film while cleaning, more effectivelyPrevent diaper rash.

Raw material selection: 1/8-1/4 cup baby shampoo, 1/8-1/4 cup baby oil, two cups of cold water, baby toilet paper, watering can production: 1.

Put the various solutions together and mix them to make a diaper solution.


Store the diaper solution in a watering can and spray it on the baby’s tissue or gauze every time you change the diaper to clean the baby’s small buttocks.

NO2 Traditional Chinese Medicine Wet Wipes The traditional Chinese medicine ingredients are added to the diaper solution, which can effectively protect the baby’s sensitive skin and promote the recovery of diaper rash.

Raw material selection: 1.

5-2 cups of filtered water, 1/4 cup of aloe colloid, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, 1 tablespoon of calendula oil, 2 tablespoons of baby shampoo, 2-3 drops of tea tree oil, 2-3 drops of lavender oil, baby toilet paper:1.

Pour all ingredients into a watering can and shake until mixed.


Store the diaper solution in a watering can. After changing the baby’s diaper, spray the diaper solution on the baby’s paper towel for cleaning.

Selection of DIY raw materials for measles medicinal oil: fresh calendula (marigold), quality olive oil production: 1.

Soaking-Soak fresh calendula directly in high-quality olive oil.


Shelve method-pour the right amount of olive oil into a glass jar, and then put calendula into it, called shaking.

Keep the glass jar in a dark place for 3-4 weeks, and remember to shake it every day to maintain efficacy.


Poaching method-Put the aforementioned glass jar mixed with calendula in water, boil the water, turn to low heat and cook for another 1-2 hours, finally drain the calendula oil and pick it out, leaveApply the essence.

Selection of DIY raw materials for the rash “fragrant” powder: 1 part Saint John’s Wort, 1 polymer grass, 1 polymer grass root, 2 calendula, 1 plantain olive oil beeswax, lavender essence oil, corn starch or potatoesPowder production: 1.

The ingredients are boiled and mixed to make an essence.


Put the corn starch in a plastic bag, then add the essence drop by drop, seal the bag tightly, start shaking, spread the oil evenly, and squeeze the starch into pieces.


Seal the bag for 4 days to absorb the essence.


Every time you change the diaper, you can prevent the diaper rash by throwing some corn powder on the buttocks.

Stone Lock Aerobics Type 5 Full Slimming


Stone Lock Aerobics Type 5 Full Slimming

Introduction: According to legend, Shi Suo originated from military camps in the Tang Dynasty.

The stone locks and stone burdens commonly used by soldiers to exercise were later spread to the people and evolved into a traditional athletic event that combines strength, skills and fitness.

Sheng in Qing Daoguang years.

  Lift the stone lock up and down: abdominal, arms, hips, biceps, buttocks, calves, tibia, forearms, hamstrings, legs, waist, tibia, triceps palms toward the thighs.

The right leg step forward and hold for 2 minutes.

  Step2 Next, keep your left hand still, hold your right hand up, palm facing forward.

Keep your feet slightly forward and slightly bent.

  Squat action to lose weight: the buttocks, Step1 stretch and bend, lift a stone lock with your hands on your chest, palms inward.

Tips, feet slightly wider than shoulders, and toes and alignment slightly bent.

  Step2 Hold the stone lock with both hands and squat until the thighs are parallel to the ground and the elbows touch the legs.

Stand up and repeat the same action 15-20 times.

  Step1 A few inches from the wooden box, prone on the ground with both hands, feet open slightly wider than shoulders, and keep the body straight.

  Step2 Keep your left hand on the ground, put your right hand on the top of the box, and leave later.

Go back to the Step action and do the same with your other hand.

Repeat 16 to 20 times.

  Jump up and down the box to lose weight: Butt, legs Step1 put a box or bench on the ground, open your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, point slightly at the bend, and stand in front of the box.

  Step2 Push the box off with your forearm, then jump off the ground backwards and return to the starting position.

Repeat the action 20-25 times.

  Step 1 Open your feet slightly wider than your shoulders, align slightly with your left hand, and your left hand will hang down naturally. The palm of your right hand will be inward, and hold a stone lock before pressing again.

  Step2 quickly and quickly straightened, the palm of the right hand was rotated forward, and the stone lock was raised.

Then return to the starting position.

Repeat the action 15-20 times.

Do the same while changing sides.

7 Step Yoga To Get Rid Of The Aunty Shaping Curve

7 Step Yoga To Get Rid Of The Aunty Shaping Curve

The whole body is fluffy, and my aunt is densely covered?

Can’t even wear the clothes I bought last year?

May wish to try the following weight loss yoga exercises, some parts are mild, thin can do everything, teach you to create a curvy beauty.

  Mountain-type effect: strengthen the muscle strength of the soles and calves, tighten the leg lines, and exercise a sense of balance.

  Stand with your feet close together, keep your center of gravity between your feet, align your hands with your palms inward, lift one side, open your shoulders, and keep them straight forward, with your shoulders away from your ears, and stretch straight over your head when you inhale, eyes upLook, meanwhile, bend straight up and up, taking care not to bend too far backwards.

  Obvious forward bending effect: Eliminate sore hips and stiffness after menstruation, extend the muscles on the back of the legs, soothe the sciatic nerve, and have the effect of thin legs.

  Bend forward from the front, keep it upright but slightly natural, hang your hands down and press your feet next to the ground. If necessary, you can bend and bend slightly to reduce the tightness of the legs, so that you can stick the thighs above.

  Tablet effect: strong arms, wrists and spine, strengthen the abdomen, abdomen.

  Using the push-up position as a starting point, focus the weight of your body between your toes and your hands, extending from above to above, with your palms flat on the floor, crossing your elbows pointing to the back, keeping level, lowering your body to maintain 1-2 with the floorCentimeter distance, keep your body level when breathing, and keep facing. Do not lift or droop or lean to one side (If you think this movement is difficult to do, you can reduce the difficulty by keeping it more fully straight up, andYou don’t need to lower your body close to the floor, or you can let the alignment touch the floor like a push-up.

  Side bracket type effect: strengthen the arm strength and firm the abdomen.

  Use the stick as a starting point, turn left, point your left foot towards the front and right of your right foot. Your legs should be straight so that your thighs are facing straight forward. The straight cross should be at the same level as the side. Your right hand should be flat on the floor and top left.Straighten to the ceiling, focus your body weight between the palm and right foot, stretch and tighten the shoulders at the same time, and the top of the head, body and legs should be on the same line (if this is difficult, then the right can be aligned(Close to the floor until you can master the balance of the entire body), then return to the stick posture, change to the other direction, and repeat.

  Dog-up effect: gradually and eliminate the stiffness of the tip, front, chest and legs.

  Use stick as a starting point, lower the straight contact to the floor, lower the legs and tibia, lift the upper body, attach the palm to the ground, stretch straight into the vertical downward, keep straight but not too hard, avoid lowering the ears.Lift the top and look upwards, keeping the top and extension extended, with your toes pointing towards the back of the body, tightening the head, the upper tibia, and the top and shoulders straightened.

  Dog-down effect: It has many effects such as eliminating physical fatigue, rejuvenating, beautifying the shoulders, and stretching the thighs.

  Raise, straighten and straighten your legs to make the body in an inverted V shape. The weight of your body should be concentrated between your hands and feet. Spread your fingers on the floor, keep your tibia and legs straight, and lower your head to the floor., Relax the fractures and fractures, lift the tailbone, bring the abdomen close to the spine, tighten the quadriceps, and straighten the fracture.

  Reverse triangle effect: strengthen and contract legs, straighten and spine vertebrae, stimulate abdominal organs, enhance sense of balance.

  The following dog style is the starting point, with your left foot step forward, your right foot facing outward, and your toes pointing straight forward. No leg should be bent. The heel should be flat on the floor. The right hand should be close to the side of the left foot.Point to the ceiling (If this action is too difficult, then you don’t need to place your left hand on the outside of your left leg. As your body can maintain balance, slowly move outside and look at your fingertips with your eyes toward the left arm.

Then return to the dog-down posture, step forward with your right foot, rotate into a triangle posture, gather your legs back to the forward bend posture, and then slowly return to the mountain posture.

Soy beans can soothe menopause symptoms in women

Soy beans can soothe menopause symptoms in women

Obstetrics and Gynecology experts at the University of S?o Paulo in Brazil found that the soy flavonoids contained in soy beans can alleviate various symptoms common to menopausal women, and do not cause side effects like the estrogen therapy currently widely used in the medical profession.

  An obstetrics and gynecology expert from the University of S?o Paulo in Brazil conducted a follow-up test on 80 menopausal women for 6 months. It was found that 85% of them took “flavonoids” and their menopausal symptoms improved, and 75% of them started taking “sameAfter “flavin”, the cholesterol content in the body also decreases.


hzh {display: none; }  令研究人员振奋的是,雌激素能治疗的所有症状,“同黄素”也都能治疗,虽然疗效稍逊,但没有副作用。After a woman enters menopause, her body’s hormonal functions begin to reduce shrinkage, leading to insomnia, complications, bone loss, and burning sensations, which affects quality of life.

In contrast, 90% -95% of women can improve menopausal symptoms after taking estrogen, but the complication is an increased risk of suffering from uterine and breast cancer.

  The researchers replaced the traditional estrogen with “flavonoids” and gave the test subjects no symptoms of breast or endometrial swelling.

Researchers reasoned that there is no estrogen replacement for soy products.

  Researchers believe that soybeans are currently one of the most complete and functional foods known to humans. In addition to high nutritional value, soybeans’ high protein is the best choice for treating and preventing diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis.

Beware of the thorns hidden behind the fairy tale

Beware of the thorns hidden behind the fairy tale

We always associate the words “fairy-tale world” with concepts such as “beautiful” and “purity”.

Indeed, fairy tales are fertile ground for nourishing the soul of the baby. This fertile ground is full of beautiful flowers and full of gorgeous fruits.

However, did you notice the thorns hidden behind the flowers and fruits?

  The nightmare caused by the classic fairy tale A few days ago, Niu Niu mom told me the story that happened between her and her 3-year-old baby daughter: One day, Niu Niu mom was vividly telling Niu Niu “Snow White”My little face changed.

Mummy tried to stop before she was okay, but the girl who always loves to listen to the story still haunted Mummy and finished the whole story.

What disturbs Mummy is that after listening to the story, Niuniu continued to have nightmares for several nights, and even shouted in vague language from time to time in her sleep: “Don’t eat poison!

Don’t behead!

“Playing during the day, the little guy will suddenly say something similar:” Mummy, will you give me poison? ”

“It’s easy, the little guy was frightened by the violent scenes in fairy tales.

  Seeing her daughter so scared, Mommy was frightened, and regretted that she had moved the story out without quarantine.

Niuniu Mom never thought that these classic fairy tales would cause such harm to the baby, and was therefore deeply confused. Can these classic fairy tales be read to the baby?

  The thorns implied in classic fairy tales are indeed, as Niu Niuma mentioned earlier, in those classic western fairy tales, violence is not uncommon.

Not only violence, but also many fairy tales are full of deceiving each other, being too greedy, recklessly reporting, speculation, and relying on the luck of some magical items.

The author thinks that the story naturally has his intention, and it is understandable, but for young children, when he can’t distinguish between the imaginary world and the real world, and the concept of right and wrong has not been fully established,These descriptions may become a kind of spiritual thorns that stab the baby’s fragile heart.

Therefore, giving these to the baby intact, classic fairy tales may also hurt him.

  Strategies to Avoid Babies from being Damaged by the Classics Although there are indeed spiritual thorns in those classic fairy tales, which may have some adverse effects on young babies, the classics are still classics in the end, and we do not need to deliberately avoid them.

For example, the poetic beauty of Andersen’s fairy tales and the amazing way of humor are very rare.

Our generation also read Andersen and Green as children, and as a result did not become more advocating for violence, or were affected, and became spiritually defective.

After all, the usual education of parents and teachers will still penetrate into our hearts, let us gradually become able to distinguish right from wrong, and distinguish between good and evil.

As long as we pay attention to the way of giving the baby, the classics can play a classic role and provide the baby with a rich spiritual meal.

  From another perspective, we can not give the baby a vacuum-like pure world.

Let him understand that there is a distinction between good and evil in this world, which is still beneficial to his future growth.

If we protect the baby too much and give up his right to know the real world in order to be afraid of his injury, it may hurt him.

An “injustice” and “evil” incident that suddenly appeared before him might just be a fracture that shattered all his dreams and left him overwhelmed by the world in front of him.

  Therefore, to prevent the baby from being injured by the classics, we need to pay attention to the following points: 1. The classics can be read selectively. Before the baby’s view of right and wrong and the resolution have not been established, we can selectively read some classic fairy tales for the baby.Great clip.

For example, the scene described in “Daughter of the Sea” is very beautiful. It can be read to the baby before going to bed and can be used to hypnotize. At the same time, these contents also help the baby understand the mysterious world on the sea floor and mobilize him who is not familiar with himselfThe curiosity of the world lays the groundwork for his better exploration in the future.

  2. To read critically, read a mommy telling the story of “Fisherman and Goldfish” to her 3-year-old son. When it comes to the old lady who wants to drive the fisherman to the sea to fish, the little guy actually came to say: “The old lady is really bad. If I were a fisherman, I would not listen to the old lady.

“You can also trim it from here. Although the baby is small, he can still make judgments based on his usual life experience and judge the fairy tales critically.

Therefore, after the baby’s language ability develops, he gradually starts to have some ideas of right and wrong, and after he has a clearer understanding of the imagination and the real world, as long as the baby is willing, we can read these fairy tales to him completely.

If you are worried that your baby will be adversely affected, after reading a fairy tale, we can also add some discussion content in a timely manner, or express our views on the characters in the story without losing time.

These evaluations do not need to be too deliberate, because the parents seem to care very much about a sentence that seems very casual to parents.

As long as he cares, he will be affected by this, and learn to distinguish right from wrong.

In this way, we can avoid the thorns of classic fairy tales and help the baby grow up better.

  3. Wait for the baby to have enough tolerance to read it later. In order to prevent the classics from harming the baby, we can choose a suitable time for him to understand the complete content of these fairy tales.

Of course, this time cannot be discriminated according to age, but according to the baby’s understanding and accumulation of life experience.

When we are convinced that he already has the concept of right and wrong, we have understood some rules of existence, and knowing to distinguish between good and evil, we can try to give him.

Learn to eat tips after training

Learn to eat tips after training

A meal after training is essential for bodybuilders.

When supplemented with appropriate fluorescence, it can transform the catabolic state (burning muscles to provide energy) into anabolic state (enhancing muscle volume) caused by training.

Success or failure veto how you add doping.

  Plasma supplementation after training can promote the secretion of insulin, an anabolic hormone.

Insulin plays three important roles in muscle recovery: 1.

It can “drive” sugar from carbohydrate food into the muscles and reserve energy for the next training session.


Can “drive” amino acids from protein foods into muscle tissue and promote muscle growth.


It can inhibit the catabolism of adrenocortical hormone (a hormone secreted by the human body during high-intensity training).

  The amount of plasma supplement is generally 2-2 per pound of body weight per day for women.

5 grams, male 2.


5 grams.

In order to make better use of the anabolic opportunity after training, it is best to arrange 25% of daily glucose immediately after training.

  Combining composite polycarbonate and simple complementation at a 3: 1 ratio after training facilitates rapid and long-lasting compression and avoids avoiding hypoglycemia.

Do not lightly absorb simple calcium carbonate because of the displacement of their digestion, the secretion of recombination quickly peaks and falls back.

It itself stimulates awful catabolism, because the body will secrete another hormone in order to prevent the rapid decline of insulin levels, which can cause catabolism and damage muscle tissue.

  Heavy training consumes muscle amino acid and glycogen reserves (in addition, it is the main energy source during training).

As the training progresses, the body continuously consumes muscle glycogen reserves.

If glycogen reserves are too low, it will cause the body to change its energy source-using more protein as fuel.

A part of the protein comes from food and most comes from muscle tissue.

  Protein supplement after training A meal after training should avoid replacing protein foods that are difficult to digest, such as chicken, beef, steak, etc. Instead, choose foods that are easy to digest such as milk, eggs, and high protein.

The purpose of eating at this time is to deliver excess amino acids to muscles and provide raw materials for muscle growth.

Chinese medicine drugs seven emotions that you don’t know

Chinese medicine “drugs seven emotions” that you don’t know

Traditional Chinese medicine summarizes the application of single-drugs and the compatibility of drugs into seven kinds of conditions, called “seven emotions”. Except for “single-line”, all of them discuss the sexual compatibility of single-flavored Chinese medicine through simple compatibility.The law of change in effect.
It highly summarizes the seven basic laws of clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine, and is the basis for the Chinese medicine practitioners.
The so-called “seven emotions compatibility”, also known as the compatibility of seven emotions, drugs seven emotions.
The contents are as follows: 1. Single line: that is, a single-flavored drug can exert the desired effect, and a single line is not required to be assisted by other drugs.
Such as the ginseng soup, only use a ginseng treatment to treat the vitality of the syndrome.
2, the phase must be: the performance of similar drugs with similar applications, can enhance its original efficacy.
Such as gypsum with Zhimu can enhance the effect of clearing heat and purging fire.
3, the phase: the use of a certain combination of drugs in terms of performance and efficacy, and the main drug, supplemented by another drug, can improve the efficacy of the main drug.
For example, when the jaundice of the qi and water is combined with the spleen of the spleen and the spleen, the sputum can enhance the effect of jaundice and qi and water.
4. Awesome: A toxic reaction or side effect of a drug that can be alleviated or eliminated by another drug.
If the toxic properties of Pinellia ternata are alleviated or eliminated by ginger, it is said that the mid-summer is like ginger.
5, killing: a drug can reduce or eliminate the toxicity or side effects of another drug.
For example, ginger can reduce or eliminate the side effects of Pinellia ternata, so the cloud ginger kills the poison of Pinellia.
It can be seen from the above that the fear and the killing are actually two kinds of references of the same compatibility relationship, which is the mutual treatment of drugs.
6, the evil: that is, the combination of two drugs, one drug and another drug caused by the original effect reduced, or even lost efficacy.
Such as ginseng evil Lai scorpion, Inlaid scorpion can weaken the qi effect of ginseng.
7. Conversely: the combination of the two drugs can produce toxic reactions or side effects.
Some drugs in the “eighteen anti-“.
Among them, the phase requirement and the phase effect indicate synergy, and the clinical drug should be fully utilized; the fear and phase killing indicate attenuation, and the application of the poisonous drug must be considered; the phase of evil means reduction, and the drug should be taken care of;In principle, it should be absolutely prohibited.