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[How to make coco chiffon cake (5 inch)]_ How to make coco chifeng cake (5 inch) _ How to make coco chifeng cake (5 inch) _ How to make coco chifeng cake (5 inch)

[How to make coco chiffon cake (5 inch)]_ How to make coco chifeng cake (5 inch) _ How to make coco chifeng cake (5 inch) _ How to make coco chifeng cake (5 inch)

It is more difficult to make a large table dinner, but it is not difficult to make some home-cooked meals to satisfy the family. There are many common ingredients in life that can make delicious dishes. It depends on whether we know how to make them.The wind cake (5 inches) has a simple method and high nutritional value, so it is highly recommended.

1. Prepare all materials 2. Separate egg whites and egg yolks in oil-free and water-free utensils 3. Add milk and mix well 4. Add corn oil and white sugar and mix well. 5. Low-gluten flour and cocoa powder.6, quickly turn evenly, do not stir and circle to avoid flour gluten, stir the cocoa yolk paste aside and set aside 7, add an appropriate amount of salt to the protein, 2 drops of white vinegar 8, add white sugar three timesWhen it is in the shape, add 1/3 of fine sugar, continue to beat until the protein starts to thicken. When it is thicker, add 1/3 sugar, and continue to beat until the protein is dense and the surface appears grainy.Add the remaining 1/3 sugar.

9. The egg whites are transferred to rigid foaming. The eggbeater is lifted into a triangle 10. The protein is added three times and quickly turned and mixed evenly.Stir the cocoa cake paste 12 evenly, pour it into the bottom mold, shake it a few times, shake out the air bubbles 13, preheat the oven at 135 degrees for 10 minutes, and bake at 135 degrees for 40 minutes.(Modulation) 14, after the time is up, the height is full of 15. After the oven is shaken, it will be reversed immediately. After drying, it can be demolded easily.5 inches) is a dish suitable for novice women. Simple substitutions can train people’s unfamiliar skills, and they can study different cooking methods.

[How to make miscellaneous grain buns]_Home practice of miscellaneous grain buns

[How to make miscellaneous grain buns]_Home practice of miscellaneous grain buns

Travel regularly and consider rewarding yourself.

Going outside to see the scenery can also please yourself and make you healthier.

And when you go out and play, you will definitely enjoy “the food on the tip of your tongue” and you will inevitably be nostalgic.

And nostalgia, you may be able to learn to do it yourself at home.

Well, now I will introduce to you the practice of miscellaneous grain buns.


Ready for raw material 2.

In addition to oatmeal and black rice flour, an average of two portions are added to the oatmeal and black rice flour to knead the light dough.


The kneaded dough is divided into two portions.


Roll to a size that is almost battered.


The two color crusts are stacked and rolled up.


Cut into small doses.


Cut the steamed buns into two large pieces in the steamer.


Steamed on the basket.


The sweet and nutritious multigrain buns are ready!

After reading the miscellaneous grain buns introduced to you today, I think everyone may have learned how to make it. I would like to remind you that you must prepare the ingredients as required to make better dishes.

[Practice of Shallot Shrimp and Okara Cake]_Homemade Practice of Shallot Shrimp and Okara Cake_Practice of Shallot Shrimp and Okara Cake_How to do Shallot Shrimp and Okara Cake

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Daily limit resumption: GEM index rose nearly 1.

5% technology stocks strengthen across the board

Daily limit resumption: GEM index rose nearly 1.

5% technology stocks strengthen across the board

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Sina Finance News January 22 news, the three major indexes opened lower in the early trading and fell, and all fell more than 1%. Then the index bottomed out and rebounded. The semiconductor sector moved beyond the morning close.Narrow.

In the afternoon, the index continued to pick up, the Shanghai index turned red, and the index once stood above the 2,000 mark, a new high since December 2016.

In general, individual stocks were mixed, the market panic fell, and the effect of making money improved slightly.

The final close, the Shanghai stock index was 3060.

76 points, up 0.

28%; Shencheng Index reported 11072.

069 points, up 1.

08%; Founding Index 1993.

90 points, up 1.


  From the surface of the disk, the concepts of epoxy resin, semiconductors, and wireless headphones are at the top of the list, and the concept of aquaculture, Chinese medicine, and influenza is at the top of the list.

  First, the daily limit data of the Shanghai and Shenzhen daily limit of 60 (covering new stocks and ST), 34 daily limit, an increase of 1752 stocks, flat 198, down 1907 stocks.

  Second, the attractions sector: 1. Semiconductor technology innovation board core source micro-sealing board, China Micro Corporation rose more than 15%, Shanghai Belling, Jiejie Microelectronics, Jingfang Technology and other stocks daily limit.

  CITIC Construction Investment pointed out that the localization of the semiconductor industry has occurred, and in order to avoid possible supply risks, domestic customers have further expanded their cooperation with domestic foundries such as SMIC and Hua Hong Semiconductor, and gradually increased the proportion of orders placed.

At the same time as the overall downstream industry boom in 2020, domestic semiconductor foundries and domestic semiconductor equipment manufacturers will also usher in potential opportunities.

  2, mask Ogilvy Medical daily limit, Teda, Jiangnan High Fiber, Zhende Medical daily limit.

  According to the news, due to the emergence of the new coronavirus pneumonia infectious disease, masks in pharmacies are out of stock in many supermarkets in cities such as Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Although some online stores that claim to be “not closed during the Spring Festival” accept masks, they have not been shipped.

  Third, today’s daily limit stock analysis Today’s daily limit stock analysis name rises current price daily limit analysis opening number of core source micro 20.

00% 118.

78 science and technology board 3 Huayi Jiaxin 10.

12% 2.

72 culture media 0 gorgeous family 10.

09% 3.

6 Performance growth 0 Three five interconnected 10.

08% 6.

99 intends to acquire 0 molding technology 10.

05% 11.

17 Tesla 0 Xiangtan electrification 10.

04% 7.

56 new energy vehicles 0 Gao Lan shares 10.

03% 14.

04 New Energy Automobile 3 Whelan Crystal 10.

03% 21.

95 passive components 0 Yida shares 10.

02% 22.61 chip concept 0 Shanghai Belling 10.

02% 19.

21 results pre-increased 0 Xinghu Technology 10.

02% 5.

05 results pre-increased 4 days gift material 10.

02% 26.

35 new energy vehicles 4 Vitron shares 10.

02% 5.

71 apportionment 1 Jiangsu 南京夜网 Wuzhong 10.

02% 6.

7 flu 0 CITIC Construction Investment 10.

02% 34.

93 Securities 2 Ogilvy Medical 10.

01% 31.

2 masks 1 Henshi Technology 10.

01% 17.

47 chip concept 0 Sanfu shares 10.

01% 27.

8 Hydrogen Energy 1 Jiejie Microelectronics 10.

01% 38.

13 performance pre-increased 1 day to create fashion 10.

01% 10.

88 net red economy 0 new Yi Sheng 10.

01% 54.

84 results pre-increased 3 Tailin Bio 10.

01% 46.

82 new shares 0 will communicate smoothly 10.

01% 29.

685G7 Rongda Photosensitive 10.

01% 30.

01 Photoresist 2 Hangjin Technology 10.

01% 31.

55 chip concept 1 moved to communication 10.

01% 50.

02 performance growth 3 Jingfang Technology 10.

01% 84.

98 chip concept 0 Ningde era 10.

00% 133.

82 results pre-increased 4 Huiding Technology 10.

00% 318.18 results pre-increased 0 Ai Peng Medical 10.

00% 47.

41 performance growth 8 Saiyi information 10.

00% 20.

79 cloud computing 1 happy medical 10.

00% 20.

68 medical equipment 7 Jingao technology 10.

00% 13.

86 results pre-increased 0 Tongfu Microelectronics 10.

00% 22.

44 chip concept 0 Corson technology 10.

00% 12.

98 wireless headphones 5 on the machine CNC 10.

00% 32.

79 ten-year contract 6 Yitian shares 10.

00% 72.

85 new shares 0 Anjie Technology 10.

00% 23.

99 Tesla 2 Guoxuan Hi-Tech 10.

00% 23.

11 New energy vehicles 0 Shanghai Xinyang 9.

99% 37.

09 results pre-increased 0 Jacques Technology 9.

99% 35.

22chip concept0 世 运 电路 9.

99% 28.

4 Tesla 0 Lang New Technology 9.

99% 26.

2 Pre-increased performance 4 Lukang Medicine 9

99% 10.

35 flu 0 tony electronics 9.

99% 29.

84 wireless headphones 4 full electronics 9.

99% 25.

99 chip concept 1 new culture 9.

99% 8.

48 net red economy 1 Huayang Lianzhong 9.

99% 24.

56 results pre-increased 6 Union Pharmaceuticals 9.

96% 12.14 flu 0 Sanxin Medical 9.

96% 8.

94 medical devices 0 Wynn shares 9.

96% 5.

3 Tesla 0 four ring creature 9.

91% 4.

99 flu 0 * ST lotus 5.

20% 2.

63ST plate 0 * ST profit source 5.

00% 2.

1ST plate 0 * ST bus 5.

00% 3.

57ST plate 0 * ST integrated 5.

00% 24.

79 performance pre-increased 0 * ST Shenji 4.

98% 6.

53ST plate 4ST Hongsheng 4.

97% 8.

87 intends to acquire 0 * ST Busen 4.

97% 11.

2ST plate 0 * ST Suoling 4.

91% 4.

27ST plate 34, yesterday’s daily limit stock performance today, yesterday’s daily limit share performance today’s performance name rose today’s daily price limit analysis yesterday opened the number of forming technology 10.

05% 11.

17 auto parts 24 Vetron shares 10.

02% 5.

71 classified transfers 0 Jiangsu Wuzhong 10.

02% 6.

7 flu 1 Ogilvy Medical 10.

01% 31.

2 masks 1 happy medical 10.

00% 20.

68 medical equipment 7 Lukang medicine 9.

99% 10.

35 flu 0 new culture 9.

99% 8.

48 net red economy 1 United Central Pharmaceuticals 9.

96% 12.

14flu0 四环 生物 9.

91% 4.99 flu 0 Jiangshan Europe faction 7.

80% 74.

47 home 1 star technology 5.

83% 7.

44 results pre-increased 0 * ST Lotus 5.

20% 2.

63ST plate 0 Teda shares 5.

00% 4.

62 masks 0 * ST Yushun 4.

98% 11.

17ST plate 0ST Hongsheng 4.

97% 8.

87 intends to acquire 0 Xingsen Technology 4.

04% 10.

82PCB1 Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Industry 3.

29% 7.

23 Medicine 0 Zhende Medical 3.

05% 27.

38 masks 3 * ST Eastnet 2.

84% 2.

17ST plate 3 Jiangnan high fiber 2.

75% 2.

62 masks 0 daan gene 0.

22% 13.

57 flu 3 is worth buying 0.

03% 178.

03 new shares 1 Rhein Bio-0.

10% 10 flu 0 high German infrared-0.

16% 32.

05 Infrared detection 4 Kehua Biological-0.

47% 14.

7 In vitro diagnostics 0 Kingsignal -0.

75% 10.

595G2 Yangpu Medical-1.

02% 7.

79 medical equipment 3 Neptune Bio-1.

13% 4.

38 flu 1 Ayaka Pharmaceuticals-1.

49% 10.

57 flu 1 Huace film and television-1.55% 8.

25 Film and Television Media 4 Zhenan Technology-1.

61% 61.

58 new shares 1 Renhe Pharmaceutical -2.

22% 7.

05 Mask 2 Yiling Pharmaceutical Industry-2.

63% 15.

2 flu 6ST Yaxing-3.

06% 6.

The 02ST plate has 0 Ans relying on Zhidian-3.

41% 34 results pre-increased 5 Hisun Pharmaceutical-3.

74% 11.

34 flu 0 Guangji Pharmaceutical-3.

81% 10.

09 Medicine 10 Lyon Technology-4.

27% 35.

45 net red economy 13 Shanghai Kaibao-4.

30% 5.

56 results pre-increased 2 Yisheng Pharmaceutical-4.

47% 7.

06 Medicine 0 Tailong Pharmaceutical Industry-5.

11% 5.

2 Flu 1 Xilong Science-5.

19% 5.

84 flu 0 magic pharmacy-5.

21% 8.

19 Medicine 2 Yao Ji Technology-5.

50% 39.

2 online games 2 Jinshiya Yao-5.

90% 8.

14 flu 16 Tohoku Pharmaceutical-6.

25% 8.

55 medicine 7 leading shares-6.

53% 8.

45 flu 2 Hengkang Medical-6.

54% 2.

43 Medicine 6 Jihua Group-6.

54% 3.

43 military industry 0 Mida shares -6.

63% 3.52 nylon 0 essence pharmaceutical-6.

86% 4.

75 Medicine 4 Kangzhi Pharmaceutical-6.

93% 5.

24 flu 0 Wohua Medicine-7.

13% 11.

33 performance growth 1 Nanwei shares -7.

38% 11.

8 masks 16 Great Wall Anime-8.

55% 4.

6 Cultural Media 0 Xinlong Holdings-8.

78% 7.

38 flu 1 hait organism-10.

00% 32.

05 Medicine 2

Zhongju Hi-tech (600872): Proposed to acquire the remaining 20% equity of Kitchen State

Zhongju Hi-tech (四川耍耍网600872): Proposed to acquire the remaining 20% equity of Kitchen State

The event company issued a proposed acquisition announcement on March 5th, saying that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Delicious Fresh Company, intends to sell 3

400 million yuan to acquire 20% of the shares of Kitchen State held by Langtian Huide.

After the transaction is completed, Kitchen State will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delicious Fresh.

The company initially received an inquiry letter from the exchange, asking the company to respond to two questions. One was to explain the termination of the transaction by Langtian Huide Co., Ltd. and the other was to explain how to determine the transaction price.

The company responded by issuing an announcement on March 13. The company believes that the contract between the two parties is true and valid and the transaction consideration is fair and reasonable.

  Core view Yangxi Kitchen State is currently the company’s main source of profit. Zhongju Hi-Tech focuses on condiments. The production base includes two production bases in Zhongshan and Yangxi. The kitchen state of Yangxi Base has been in production since 2014.In 2017, its revenue accounted for 36% of the company’s total revenue, but its distribution corresponding net profit accounted for 57% of the listed company’s net profit, so it is the most important source of the company’s current profit.

Separately, in 2017, the net profit margin of Yangxi Kitchen State Company reached 21%, and its profitability was significantly higher than the overall level of the company.

  If the remaining equity is successfully acquired, it will be conducive to increasing the performance of listed companies. Since the establishment of Yangxi Kitchen State, 80% of the shares were held by Weijuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongju Hi-tech.Langtian Huide holds, in fact, the market’s conjecture about recovering the remaining 20% equity has a long history, so this acquisition plan has changed the market’s expectations.

Due to possible disputes, there is still controversial uncertainty as to whether the acquisition will pass smoothly, but we believe that a successful acquisition is the icing on the cake, and if it fails, it will not hinder the company’s existing development.

  Endogenous growth is worth looking forward. From the perspective of industry demand, we believe that the condiment industry has the strongest attributes of the condiment industry in the mainstream food and beverage sub-industry, which is less affected by economic fluctuations and has a strong growth certainty.

On the cost side, if the cost continues to increase in the later period, leading companies are likely to raise prices, and China Torch High-tech will follow, thereby releasing pressure on cost growth.

From the company’s internal perspective, the new term of the Board of Directors has been successfully completed, Baoneng Department has replaced more seats, and more incentive policies and operational efficiency improvements of the company in the later period are worth looking forward to.

  Earnings forecast and rating company has previously released the 2018 performance report. We maintain our forecast and forecast that the company’s condiment industry needs to continue to grow. The existing company’s main income will maintain a 15-20% revenue increase and an orderly gross marginPromotion.

It is also assumed that non-main business will not significantly lower the performance of the main business.

Maintain the company’s profit forecast. It is expected that the company will achieve operating income of RMB 4.3 billion and 49 respectively in 2018-2020.

300 million and 61.

9% 10%, annual growth of 19%, 15% and 26%; net profit attributable to mothers respectively5.

9.8 billion yuan, 7.

2.3 billion and 9.

3.2 billion, an annual increase of 32.

04%, 20.

79%, 28.

88%; corresponding EPS is 0.

75, 0.

91, 1.

17 yuan / share.

At present, the corresponding dynamic PE for 2019-2020 is 34 times and 27 times respectively, maintaining the “Buy” rating.

  The cost of risk factors increased more than expected; the costs increased more than expected.

Drinking and taking medicine-reappearance, technology stocks counterattack electronic B and other funds in the afternoon

“Drinking and taking medicine” reappeared, technology stocks hit counterattacks such as electronic B in the afternoon

Original Title: Fund Review | “Drinking and Taking Medicine” Reappeared, Technology Stocks Counterattack in the Afternoon!

These funds became popular for reviewing Jun Fu’s Diary (January 15, 2020) and fighting 3100 points!

A-share “drinking and taking medicine” market reappeared, and technology stocks rose strongly in the afternoon.

  Looking back at the market today, the A-share drinking and medicine market is reappearing. The food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors rose rapidly in the early morning, while the Tesla concept was oriented, and the non-ferrous metal sector fell ahead.

In the afternoon, electronics, computer and other technology stocks rose strongly, leading the market.

Affected by this, the ChiNext index turned red.

  At the end of the day, the total turnover of the two cities was 6,110.

7.4 billion, the transaction volume fell.

Northbound capital inflows10.

4.4 billion yuan, maintaining a net inflow for 10 consecutive days.

  As for funds in the fund table, the Shanghai-based index closed down 0.

37%, with a turnover of 266.

7 billion yuan.

  Overall, the technology sector still leads the market.

In the field fund, electronic B (150232.

SZ), Semiconductor 50 (512760.

SH) and semiconductor (512480.

SH) rose over 3%, and the technology ETF (515000.

SH), computer (512720.

SH) rose by more than 1%, 5GETF (515050.

SH) closed up 0.


  Prior to the development of technology stocks, the A-share “drinking and taking medicine” market reappeared.

In terms of liquor, liquor B (150270.

SZ) rose by 深圳桑拿网 over 2%, and consumer ETFs (510,150.

SH), wine ETF (512690.

(SH) Waiting for a certain increase.

  In terms of medicine, the medical ETF (512,170.

SH), Pharmaceutical ETF (512010.

SH; 159929.

Shenzhen), Medicine B (150131.

SZ) and Guangfa Pharmaceutical (159938).

SZ), etc. all closed against the market and closed up.

  The OTC funds related to the above sectors are: Shenwan Lingxin Electronics (163116.

OF), Huabao CSI Leading ETF joined A (007873).

OF), Huabao CSI Leading ETF joined C (007874).

OF), China Merchants Zhongzheng Liquor (161725.

OF), Penghua Zhongzheng Liquor (160632.OF), GF Zhongzheng Medical (502056).

OF) etc.

  The collector of money mainly reminds the general public that the rise and fall of on-site funds is real-time, and the update of the net value of off-site funds is delayed.

  The outlook for the market outlook today is full of sluggish performance. Technology stocks rose in the afternoon and gave the market a “little fire.”

  Regarding the technology sector, GF Fund Liu Gezhen said that technology stocks are still the best direction for 2020.

  From the perspective of industry comparison, these technology companies are varieties that have better growth and higher prosperity. Most of the increase comes from the continuous performance of performance, and the inflection point of hard technology has just emerged.

  The concept of Mrs. Royal’s Tesla is replaced today, but the short term does not mean that the public offering is enthusiastic.

  The China Merchants Fund said that domestic Tesla has cut prices and is concerned about the new energy vehicle industry chain standard.

The biggest significance of Tesla’s price reduction lies in the recognition of consumer brands and the increase in acceptance of electrification has brought a significant boost.

In addition to the explosive effect of the new energy vehicle sector, Tesla has replaced high-end fuel vehicles at the price of 300,000 to 400,000 overseas. In the last quarter of the third quarter, Tesla accounted for 29% of the US mid-size luxury car market.European mid-size luxury car market share is 16.

7%, corresponding sales of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW show different degrees, the price explosion and localization after the explosion effect will be further exerted.

  In terms of sector investment, the China Merchants Fund predicts that the leaders of the new energy vehicle industry are expected to benefit or potentially benefit from Tesla’s localization.

What to do if your child has depression

What to do if your child has depression

Case 1: Nana’s smile disappeared. Nana’s father was a business manager of a company, and her mother was a train conductor. They usually had limited days at home, so Nana, 5, was brought by her grandmother.

The former Nana was lively and cheerful and loved to laugh.

Nana was envious when she saw other children led by mom and dad to play in the park on Sunday, because she rarely had such an opportunity.

  Recently, Mom and Dad found that Nana had become unwilling to laugh. She often sat alone in a daze and didn’t talk all day. It seemed as if she was a lot better at once, but this kind of “goodness” was always a bit wrong.

In addition, the kindergarten teacher also reflected that Nana often pays attention to the lack of concentration in her class, and her eyes are far from being as lively as other children in the class.

  Case two: Xiaoli has not grown up for 4 years. Xiaoli is 12 years old this year, but she is only 1.

2 meters, looks much shorter than children of the same age.

At the age of 8, when her parents divorced, Xiaoli lived with her father. Since then, Xiaoli has barely grown tall.

Although Xiaoli is very sensible and her academic performance is excellent, she is very lonely and depressed.

  My father took Xiaoli to the hospital, and after a detailed inspection, the doctor pointed out that Xiaoli was initially unhappy and depressed due to unhappiness, which reduced the secretion of growth hormone, which is a typical growth retardation.

  Case 3: Jiongjiong didn’t want to go to school. Jiongjiong, who is 9 and a half years old, was in fourth grade. Recently, he suddenly lost his temper, didn’t do homework, didn’t go to the tutoring class that his mother reported to him, and didn’t want to go to school.

Jiongjiong not only lied, but also quarreled with his family.

On Monday morning, after Jiongjiong was sent to the school gate by his mother, he bypassed his mother’s reluctance to enter the school.

When the teacher visited the home, Jiongjiong said that he had a headache.

My mother took Jiongjiong to the hospital to check her body but found no organic abnormalities. The doctor thought that Jiongjiong had “heart disease”, mainly because she had too much study pressure and had already suffered from depression in children.

  Opinion: Nana, Xiaoli, and Jiongjiong all suffer from childhood depression.

Depression mainly refers to emotional disorders with the main characteristics of emotional depression. It also includes negative emotions such as depression, depression, and depression, as well as idle and empty emotional expressions. However, we used to mistakenly believe that depression will only occur.In self-conscious and emotionally rich adults, neglecting children can also lead to depression.

Depression is very detrimental to the child’s physical development, is overly sensitive to the child’s psychology, and adopts an evasive and shrinking attitude towards the outside world, which may also cause the child’s stunted height.

At present, about 20% of children suffer from depressive symptoms, of which 4% are clinical depression, that is, major depression that requires clinical treatment.

When a child who has performed well in the past behaves inappropriately, parents need to be alert to the occurrence of depression.

  Children affected by “depression” The world of children proves to be colorful, full of laughter and happiness, but some children are always young and depressed.

The child’s bad mood affects parents’ hearts.

For various reasons, many children are often attacked by depression, and severely become depression.

This is a problem that both children and their parents feel painful and confusing.

So, how to help children get out of the shadow of “depression”?

  Letting children get out of depression. Families should be children’s entertainment, relaxation, stress relief, and psychological adjustment. The parents should also be the child’s best counselor and the best doctor to get rid of depression.

  1. Create a warm and democratic family atmosphere.

Good family support and family cohesion are the lasting motivation for children’s healthy growth.

Parents should always check their emotions, respect their children, communicate smoothly with their children, and create a close, harmonious, and warm family structure for their children, so that children can feel the warmth and security at home.

  2. Have a degree of study and education.

Parents should give their children some time and space to allow them to have different choices at different ages.

Don’t expect too much from your children, don’t over-indulge or be too demanding, and train them according to their own abilities and interests.

  3. Encourage your child to make more friends.

Parents should treat others sincerely, and encourage their children to interact with others, teach children to get along with others, organize emotional exchange activities among children, cultivate children’s extensive hobbies and optimistic and tolerant personality, and enjoy the warmth of friendship.

  4, life should not be too rich.

On the contrary, the luxury of material life leads to a child’s insatiable psychology, and the pursuit of material is often difficult to self-satisfaction, so greedy people are always unhappy.

  5. Improve personality and cultivate stress resistance.

Parents should discover the strengths of their children and give them praise and encouragement appropriately, and cultivate their self-confidence and ability to cope with adversity and adversity from an early age.and many more.  6. If the child already has symptoms of depression, parents should give the child a positive hint at that time, teach the child to rationally adjust his emotions, and change the cognitive bias; find something that makes the child happy or uplifting, and let the happy activity replace the childTime, use positive emotions to offset negative emotions; teach children to learn appropriate venting, such as: talk, cry, write a diary, exercise, etc. to release unpleasant emotions and calm the mood; guide children to set a goal for themselvesTo give children a sense of direction and implement goal motivation.

In addition, you can consult a psychologist in time for active treatment.

  Depression in children The main characteristics of childhood depression are depression, slow thinking, depression, depression, and listlessness. It often has many accompanying symptoms. Common symptoms are: emotional symptoms: look down, dullness, and apathy., Irritable, sensitive, crying, irritable, restless, bored, timid, shy, lonely, attentive, frightened, often accompanied by a sense of guilt and guilt, thinking that he is clumsy, stupid, ugly, No value, discouraged, arrogant, sighed, disinterested in people and things around them, flinched, restrained, unpleasant, etc.

  Behavioral symptoms: hyperactivity, attacking others, fear of going to school, unwillingness to socialize, deliberately avoiding acquaintances, disobedience to discipline, impulsiveness, truancy, poor expression skills, poor grades, memory loss, running away from home, and even life-threatening and self-harm, suicideBehavior, etc.

  Physical symptoms: sleep disturbance, low appetite, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, chest tightness, palpitations, headache, stomachache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, enuresis and feces.

This type is often easily misdiagnosed as a physical disease, but the “disease” does not improve after taking the drug.

  For a few moments, his son Xiaohai became very lonely, and was very irritable and listless at home.

According to the teacher’s report, Xiaohai’s recent test scores have dropped a lot. During the lesson, he was not paying attention, his memory was reduced, and he was not paying attention to class activities.

  After learning about these changes, I went to Xiaohai to chat after dinner and listened to him patiently.

It turned out that Xiaohai made a mistake in his recent exams, and his grades have shifted from the previous top to the midstream position. Therefore, he feels ashamed and inferior, and has a sense of guilt in his heart, and cannot accept this fact.

He found it difficult to face his classmates who admired him in the past, admired his teacher and parents who had high expectations for him, felt depressed and prevented.

  I reflected for a moment. It is indeed that our usual requirements and expectations for him are so high that they become a huge pressure.

So I comforted Xiaohai not to pay too much attention to the results this time.

In any case, as long as he works hard, we will applaud and be proud of him.

In addition, I also looked for Xiaohai’s past performance records, helped him evaluate him correctly, analyzed many of his strengths, and the reasons for the failure of this exam, and helped him develop a plan to improve his performance.

With this recipe for changing negative emotions and establishing a positive way of thinking, Xiao Hai gradually recovered his confidence and joy, learned and lived happily, and the shadow of depression disappeared.

  Lin Baizheng male 36-year-old doctor why her child has depression genetic factors.

Familial genetic factors play a role in the onset of childhood depression. At least one of the parents of about 50% of children with depression has had depression.


Separations between loved ones, major unexpected disasters, and other unexpected events can cause children’s strong conflicting emotions, produce desperate emotional experiences, and lead to depression.

  Family atmosphere.

Negative, unpleasant and stressful family atmosphere. Parents and children communicate and exchange with each other. Children do not get the love and care of their parents. Their psychological needs cannot be met, which leads to depression.

  mental stress.

Parents’ expectations for their children are too high, too much pressure on study and examinations, and tensions among classmates, etc., often exceed their children’s mental capacity.

Moreover, in the face of stress, lack of appropriate psychological adjustment strategies and decompression skills, and the lack of necessary help from the surrounding environment, will lead to emotional depression.

  Psychological “congenital deficiency”.

Too utilitarian education in some families has strengthened their children’s vanity, and also exacerbated their children’s psychological fragility and distortion, causing them to “fail to lose” in the face of frustration, unable to accept reality, flustered, irritable, and even feeling hopeless and helplessSudden changes in mentality, collapse of the self-evaluation system, and depression.

How can red dates eat the most blood?

How can red dates eat the most blood?

To be simple, as long as you eat food that can be digested and absorbed in the stomach, it is tonicate, so the replacement of blood is the stomach, transforming the ability of digestion and absorption, even if you eat coarse tea and light rice, as long as it is fully absorbed, you will still have blood and eat high-level tonicProduct, stomach, indigestion in the body, still useless.

  Relatively speaking, higher animal proteins such as meat, eggs, and fish can obviously improve the quality of blood and make people more resistant and energetic.

  Can’t you eat cold food?

  Not all cold food enters the stomach will have a serious impact on the body, as long as it is matched with people’s physique and season of eating, it can neutralize and balance, you can eat.

For example, in summer, the human body sweats a lot, and eating a moderate amount of cold watermelon can remove hotness and replenish the water and sugar lost by the human body due to excessive sweating. At this time, the watermelon can coordinate the body and provide blood.Effect, and when it is cold to eat watermelon, it is easy to cause blood loss.

  Cold and hot foods should be paired with it. When eating crabs with great cold, be sure to pair them with warm ginger, use ginger to neutralize the cold of the crab, so that it will not cause any harm to the body.Conducive to digestion and absorption of crab meat.

  Is black food the kidney food?

  We often see such publicity-black food for kidney and blood, such as black sesame, black beans, black rice, black fungus, kelp, laver, silky chicken and so on.

In fact, it is not necessarily true, warmth is tonic, coldness is diarrhea.

Black rice, silky fowls are warm, blood, and kidney effect is obvious; black sesame, Xingping, kidney, liver, intestines, and hair; black beans, Xingping, kidney, blood, detoxification; and black fungus, cold, kelp, Laver is cold, you can often eat it in summer, try not to eat it in winter.

Whether any food is supplemented or not, you must look at the properties of this food. Foods that are calm and warm are beneficial to the body throughout the year. Foods that are cool and cold are not recommended in other seasons except summer.If you eat, you have to eat it with warm ginger, chili, pepper, and pepper, so that you can absorb the nutrients unique to these foods without hurting the kidneys and stomach.

  Popular family blood supplements In the daily diet, there are many blood supplements. Friends who are interested can follow the method I introduced below, or change the tricks to make the family love to eat more.

  Jujube, longan, peanuts, red beans, brown sugar, ginkgo, and Chinese wolfberry are all foods for blood and kidney that people often eat, and when they are matched with each other, they become a good blood-feeding diet.

  Jujube is the most commonly used food to invigorate blood, and eating it raw and drinking alcohol works best.

  Jujube can also be drank in an iron pan and soaked in water to treat cold stomach and stomachache. After adding longan, it is a tea that invigorate blood and qi, which is especially suitable for teachers, salespersons and other people who use throat more frequently.

If you add 4?
6 capsules of wolfberry can also treat constipation, but people with thin stools should not add wolfberry.

Female friends who often drink red dates, longan and wolfberry tea have fair skin and good cosmetic results.

Do not add more medlars, just a few grains, red dates and longan are also 6?
8 capsules is enough, so I can make myself a cup after work every morning, not only replenishing qi and blood, but also eyesight, especially suitable for the workaholics who are looking forward to the computer.

  Without frying in the iron pan, frying black red dates for tea is useless, because the jujube is wrapped in the outer skin and the nutritional ingredients are not available. However, after the red dates are fried, the skin is cracked after being soaked in boiling water., The nutrients inside will slowly leak out.

  Red dates, peanuts, longan, plus brown sugar, slowly stew in the pot with water, stewed rotten, often eaten, the effect of nourishing blood is very good.

  Red dates and red beans are added to glutinous rice to make porridge. Red beans are not easy to burn. You can cook red beans first, red beans are rotten, and then add glutinous rice and red dates to burn together.

  10 jujubes are cut open, 10 ginkgoes are removed from the shell, the child can only eat 5 each, and boiled for 15?
20 minutes, eat every night before bedtime, can nourish blood and kidney, relieve cough and asthma, cure frequent urination, cure nocturia, and the effect is very good. From the autumn of Ginkgo, it has been eaten until the spring of the next year. It is for the elderly and children.Kidney, cough and asthma.

10 jujube incisions, 10 wolfberry seeds, boiled water to drink, nourish blood and kidneys, specialize in waist and knee soreness, eat for many years, have the role of beauty and freckle.

  10 jujubes are cut open, 3 slices of ginger, boiled water to drink, is a good appetizer.

  In addition, use pork trotters and soybeans to stew and eat; use turtles to add wolfberry, red dates, and ginger to rot and eat; beef liver, sheep liver, and pork liver for cooking, stew soup, or cook porridge with rice; beef bones, Pork bones and red dates stew soup; beef tendon, pork tendon with peanuts, ginger stew rotten, these are good food for blood.

  When making these foods, you must pay attention to the choice of fresh ingredients and stew to eat, so as to facilitate digestion and absorption. This requires the patience of the family to be patient and persistent for many years.

Only by working hard at three meals a day can we truly ensure the health of the family.

Best vegetables in anemia

Best vegetables in anemia

Red beets (ren beets) are similar to Chinese red robs and have a slightly sweeter taste.

Red beets are rich in iron, calcium, folic acid, vitamins A, C, and carbohydrates.

  Modern scientific research confirms that red beet is rich in nutrients, contains crude protein, soluble sugar, crude fat, supplementary fiber, vitamin C, niacin, etc., and contains potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper and other minerals, Can nourish the body by supplementing the body with the nutrients it needs.

  If you are anaemic, your face is dim, your skin is chloasma, you have a cold and fever, and your body is weak and weak after the illness. Red beets can help you.

Red beet root is rich in potassium, phosphorus and easily digestible and absorbable sugars, which can promote gastrointestinal motility; beet root has natural red vitamin B12 and iron, which invigorate blood; vitamin C in red beet can fertilize trivalent iron in the intestineReduction to divalent iron promotes iron absorption; niacin in red beet participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, increases hemoglobin, and enhances oxygen carrying capacity.

  If you cause excessive harmful free radicals in your body because of smoking, excessive drinking, unhealthy eating habits, environmental pollution, ultraviolet rays, ionizing radiation, plants, poisons, drugs, food additives, stress, extreme sadness and depression, and depression, etc.Causes cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, skin wrinkles, diabetes, dementia, etc. Red beet can help you.

Vitamin C in red beet is one of the antioxidant vitamins. It scavenges free radicals and is good for preventing a series of diseases caused by excessive free radicals.

  If the food warehouse in your body is uncomfortable with the stomach and the gastric mucosa is bad, it directly affects the function of the gastrointestinal tract, and boots directly affect the health of the body. Red beet can help you.

The nutritional content in red beet significantly promotes and strengthens the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, and indirectly protects the health of the liver, gallbladder, spleen and kidney; the supplementary fiber in red beet can promote the absorption of zinc and other minerals, and help the stomach and intestinesChildren, the elderly, office workers, and students who are not able to absorb well, get balanced nutrition.

  If you are susceptible to colds, debilitating, appetite, weak constitution, weak body after illness, partial eclipse, anorexia, etc., if you need to nurse fatty liver, recovery period of hepatitis A and B, weak liver function, if you need to nurse adolescence, pregnancy, Body changes during childbirth, breastfeeding and menopause. If you need to recuperate your body with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, red beets can help you.

Red beet supplements the human body with various nutrients and is good for your health.

  If you need to treat coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, high cholesterol, arrhythmic bodies, red beets can help you.

Red beet promotes blood circulation and is good for regulating old age disease.

  If you need to regulate your vision, presbyopia, and prevent various eye diseases caused by vitamin A, red beets can help you.

  Red beets are so good for your health. It is no wonder that ancient Romans and Greeks, modern Europeans, from presidents to civilians, loved red beets.

  Beets are sometimes regarded as a small heart. A cup of beets has 1/3 of the folic acid needed daily. This folic acid can protect people from heart disease.

  Beet and Cancer Former Soviet Union scholars believe that beet juice can produce healthy cells and change nucleic acids.

  Beet has a bad name, its high blood sugar content.

The fact is that when we have high blood pressure it turns into blood sugar, which is the underlying glucose.

In your blood vessels, free radicals induce your cells to spread, causing high blood pressure, hypertension, and diabetes.

Some plasma foods slowly turn into blood sugar, which also makes it easy for cells to accept.

The other plasma immediately turned into blood sugar, exacerbating the problem.

  Beets are considered to rapidly increase cholesterol, but they are actually very slow. A pack of beets is not as good as meat, so eat a lot of beets.

  Beet and constipation Beet replaces fiber, and one cup contains 3 grams of fiber that Americans are missing in large quantities, so it relieves constipation.

Willfulness, irritability, need?

Then drink a glass of water and eat beets.

Stew with apples can help lower blood lipids

Stew with apples can help lower blood lipids

Many people are accustomed to putting hawthorn when stewing meat, which can reduce the effect of lowering blood lipids, but because hawthorn can stimulate gastric acid secretion, it is not suitable for patients with gastric ulcers.

  In fact, it is also a good choice to stew apples and pork together, which can lower blood lipids, and people with poor stomachs can also eat them with confidence.

  This is because, firstly, the fruity aroma of apples can eliminate the unique odor of pork and bring people a taste. Secondly, apples replace malic acid, fiber, pectin and other substances. These substances can be used in the intestines and gallAcid binding inhibits intestinal bile acid reabsorption, thereby promoting the conversion of cholesterol in the blood to bile acid, reducing the effect of lowering cholesterol, so that someone can avoid absorbing excessive cholesterol when eating meat; finally, apples are rich in potassium saltsAfter entering the human blood, the sodium salt can be replaced and discharged out of the body, which can reduce high blood pressure, protect arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and cerebrovascular disease, and provide a “protective umbrella” for patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease”.

  Studies have shown that after heating apples, the content of polyphenol natural antioxidants will increase.

Helps reduce blood lipids, remove excess free radicals from the body, and delay aging.

This shows that cooked apples are very likely.

  It is important to remind that it is best to eat apples with skins when they are cooked.

This is because foreign studies have shown that apple peel has stronger antioxidant properties and can better help reduce blood lipids.